SJRHF hosts “The Give” to raise money for neurosurgery: Fundraising attempts could benefit 4,000 New Brunswickers

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The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation (SJRHF) is in the midst of its annual fundraiser. The Give is a fundraiser that procures much needed resources for different departments at the Saint John Regional Hospital (SJRH), located right next to UNBSJ. This year, the focus is on providing new surgical equipment for the neurosurgery team.

The neurosurgical team at the hospital wants to reduce the invasiveness of brain surgery procedures. Surgeons want to be able to shrink the standard six-inch incisions made during surgery down to a single inch. This will reduce risk and recovery times for neurology patients. To accomplish this goal, the neurosurgery team has come up with a wish list of surgical equipment. A Neurosurgical Microscope, HD Screens and surgical software are among the tools that they hope to be able to afford with fundraising efforts. “This investment in equipment will mean smaller incisions, shorter, safer surgeries with higher precision and the ability to trial new techniques,” says Dr. George Kolyvas, the head of neurosurgery at the SJRH, “[This is] good news for our patients and surgical team.”

Back in February, two of the city’s radio stations held a “Radiothon” to raise money for the SJRHF, which aired from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Feb. 14. Radio hosts spoke with patients and hospital staff who have or will benefit from the new technology, if the funds are raised. The new equipment will benefit 4,000 New Brunswickers.

The SJHRF is encouraging New Brunswickers to donate by credit card on their website or to hold individual fundraisers like bake sales, car washes, or book sales to help them reach their 2013 fundraising goal of $850,000.

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