Students’ Representative Council general manager, Jane MacKay retires after 23 years: Students will remember her fondly

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After 23 years of service, Jane MacKay, general manager (GM) of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) will be retiring at the end of this term.


MacKay has been the face of the SRC for many years and knows the ins and outs of managing the SRC like no other.


Her responsibilities include general office administration duties, preparing invoices, keeping records of council meetings and money allocated, administering and processing insurance claims and much more.


MacKay has been known to go above and beyond her duties as GM and keeps the SRC in check with her wit and sweet demeanour. She has contributed to the Council in a way that goes far beyond administration support. She has touched the lives of many students, often enhancing their experience with the SRC.


In response to her retirement, here are a few kind words from just a few that have been impacted by Jane:


“Jane was more than a GM to me during my time at the student council. I consider her a mentor, a friend and someone that I will always remember as part of my university experience. I have had the opportunity to work along side Jane for many years and during that time have learned a lot, not just about money and budgets, but also how to speak proper English. Jane is an amazing person and has given so much to the UNBSJ community I wish her the best in retirement!”- Anthony Enman


“Jane is steady, honest and doesn’t play favourites. I want to thank Jane for all those small chats about nothing and the laughs we were able to share with each other. Raise a glass for Jane this weekend, the most dedicated member of the SRC.” – Ashley Macosky


“Jane has been the anchor for the SRC for 23 years. She knows more about the company than anyone else could. She has been a great mentor and sober second thought for the executive. We will all miss Jane so much!” – Brad Trecartin


“I will always remember my first day as president of the SRC; I was nervous and worried about how I was going to complete everything on my plate. It was truly a blessing to meet Jane in my office on my first day – she was welcoming, direct and, above all, efficient. She helped me to focus on the important aspects of the job, and added to the experience of being president. I’m not sure if all of the SRC presidents really know how lucky they were to have served with Jane on their team. She just knew what to do. If anyone deserves a rest and a wonderful retirement it’s Jane. She has served UNBSJ well and did it all with 23 different bosses.” – Cory Brown, Former SRC President


As Jane leaves UNBSJ, there is no question that she will be missed by many. She will be hard to replace but the entire SRC family wishes her nothing but success in her future endeavours. A big thank you goes out to Jane for all of her hard work and dedication over the years!

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