Students’ Representative Council: Pre-election talk and the Green Society

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\Students’ Representative Council (SRC) meetings tend to be about the typical goings-on of its relation to clubs and societies on campus. In general, these conferences discuss financial management and event coordination, but it’s in these meetings that the student body is represented by fellow scholars willing to put their schoolwork on hold to make sure our tuition dollars are not wasted. On March 11, the SRC gathered for their bi-weekly meeting and started things off with basic announcements.

Anthony Enman, the vice president finance, led the meeting, calling on president, Brad Trecartin, to begin. Trecartin’s main concern was with the upcoming elections. Of course, by the time this issue hits newsstands, elections will be over, but Trecartin felt voter turnout would be greatly affected by new candidate regulations.

“Hopefully you’ll see a lot more posters than you usually do because we actually changed regulations a little bit to mandate everyone to actually put posters up,” Trecartin says, “…it’s really hard to bring up your voter turnout and create excitement and buzz about an election if no one’s interested in even putting […] posters up.”

Talk ensued about speeches but nothing out of turn came up concerning election practices, so Enman turned his focus to Jessica Barrieau. Barrieau’s announcement was short but concerned an e-mail sent by Senior Teaching Associate, Katherine McGuire. The e-mail concerned the teaching excellence policy and changes made to the student opinion survey which students fill out at the end of each semester.

The rest of the meeting was occupied by the presence of Green Society chair member, Brad Walsh, who defended his group’s validity. Trecartin started by saying $10,000 of student tuition dollars goes to the Green Society and asked what projects they have been working on and what they have been doing with their levee. Walsh spoke eloquently about their newly finished “Freecycle” room, next door to The Baron Office, but spoke mainly on the society’s newest project: the on-campus community garden. The Graduate’s Society donated an estimated $4,000 for the project and Walsh is looking at building the plot either beside the residences or between the Stadium and Ganong Hall.

Macosky clarified that the reason they met with the Green Society is not because they have any right to tell the society what to do; the SRC doesn’t control the way in which the Green Society spends its levee funding, but because they can monitor its use and offer suggestions. After Macosky and Walsh had finished, Enman called for the end of the meeting.

SRC is to meet again on March 25; at this announcement, members packed their bags and called it a day.

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