Welcome Letters from your UNB SRC


Vice President External Chris Mahar

Hey Guys! Welcome back for another great year of school and for the new students, welcome to Seawolves family!My name is Chris Mahar, I’m a third year Accounting student in the BBA program, with a minor in Ecommerce.  I’m the VP External here at UNBSJ as well. My job is to work with government and outside organizations to help improve student life and for mutual benefits. I’m excited to be in this position for this year because there will be/have been a lot of great people that I’ve met so far, and am continuously working with to try and develop this university life for students to be even greater than it ever has been before.

As a result I’m expecting to have a more efficient SRC year, and to be able to create and build a lot of great partnerships and connections with NGO’s, government, businesses around the city, UNBSJAlumni and even with our students.  If you ever have any questions about these things, what’s going on, or even need advice during the school year; my door is always open and I can be reached at external@unbsrc.ca or come see me in my office during office hours up in the SRC office in the Condon Center. Have a greatyear, and best of luck to all!


Vice president student affairs Jen Brown

Hey Seawolves! My name is Jen Brown and I am your VP Student Affairs this year! I am a fourth year science student and love to have fun and be involved! I’m excited to be in the position this year to create a great atmosphere for Orientation Week so you can all have as much fun as I did. Being in this position I hope to encourage more students to get involved with clubs and societies.

There is something for everyone and if you don’t see it, create it! Do not hesitate to email, call or even Facebook me at any time. I have my cell phone on my at all times and my door is always open! YOUR university experience is what YOU make it! Get involved, volunteer with the Promise Partnership, join/create a club or society, join a sport team, get involved with the SRC, and have fun! I look forward to hearing from you all!


Vice President Social Jess Buck

Hey Everyone, my name is Jess Buck and I am this year’s VP Social. I’m in my fourth year of my BA and I’m majoring in French. I’m so excited and honoured to be bringing you all of your events this year and I expect to build upon last year’s SRC to create a fun and amusing environment for everyone at this university to enjoy!

I am a strong believer in togetherness and with the activities that I have planned, I hope to bring all races, genders and ages together for an outrageously fun year.Students may need to see me to talk about what events they would like to see on campus aswell as if clubs/other organizations need posters made, I will be happy to help you. My office hours will be posted on my door in the SRC office and you may contact me via email at social@unbsrc.ca or by phone 648-9581


Vice President Finance Jordan Stephen

Hello my name is Jordan Stephen and I’m the VP Finance of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). I’m going into my fourth year of business, attaining a major in Economics and a concentration in Finance.

If anyone is interested in coming to see me throughout the school year to take a look at the budget or have any questions, please don’t be shy. My office is directly to the right when you walk into the SRC offices.  I wish you guys luck in the upcoming school year and keep your ears open because the SRC have a lot of fun events planed out this year for the students.
President Ashley Macosky


I am Ashley Macosky, your Students’ Representative Council President for the upcoming year and I want to extend a personal welcome to all new students and those returning to UNBSJ. Each day, calls, emails and meetings are conducted that get me more and more excited about how great the upcoming year will be. We are truly fortunate that we have such a flexible administrative staff, who are doing all that they can to accommodate our requests. Thank you Dr. Mackinnon.

VP Student Affairs, Jen Brown kicked things off with an exciting orientation week starting on Saturday Aug. 31, where we welcomed first year students and will cap it off with an all out beach party at Tucker Park Beach on Saturday, Sept. 7. To volunteerand for the most up to date details, join the Facebook group “UNBSJ Orientation 2013.” We are also looking for Shine leaders so contact director@shinesj.ca if you want to get involved.This year’s VP Social, Jess Buck, has your social life dialed in and it’s going to be outstanding. Monday, Sept. 9 is our first comedy night and our first class bash will be held in the quad on Friday Sept. 13.

We will be having trivia nights, karaoke contests, random parties and lots more activities to blow your mind in our revamped student lounge. There are many great ways that you can win prizes and show your support for our hard working athletes at the same time; they deserve it.Your Student Discount Program has been significantly improved over the summer by the hard work of your VP External, Chris Mahar. Many new businesses have seen the value of students and are eager to help you save money. Visit unbsrc.ca and click the student discount link under the services tab for further details about where you can go to keep a few extra dolla dolla bills in your pocket.

We will continue to run our Safe Ride program, offering students a free ride home after a long day of studies or an event. I am pumped to be leading the charge as your president this year, as we press administration and various levels of government with issues that are important to students. Get involved, be engaged and stay informed. Join me in making your university experience the best it can be. I promise that the more you do, the better it will be.You can contact me via email: president@unbsrc.ca, by phone: 648-5686, or stop by your SRC office so we can chat.