Chartwells as UNBSJ’s New Food Service Provider

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Chartwells is replacing Aramark as the new Food Service Provider at UNBSJ.

This is an exciting change for students as the company is renovating the Baird Dining Hall completely. The dining hall will be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing— with various seating options, modern furnishings and even a fireplace. Expect warm textures and a contemporary feel to the dining hall, as well as improved traffic flow.

Renovations began on Monday, Aug. 19 and are expected to be complete by Sept. 29. The cafeteria will be up and running by the first day of classes, accommodating students while Chartwells completes the highly anticipated renovations.

Beyond the cafeteria, there will also be a retail area in the Clock Tower Lounge, located about the Baird Dining Hall in the Thomas J. Condon Student Center. The renovated lounge will feature Java Moose coffee, Panini grills and eventually a smoothie bar. This new retail lounge will also be providing food to the Colonel Tucker bar. Tim Hortons will remain a retail outlet in the Ward Chipman building, as well as the Java Moose in the Hans W. Klohn Commons. Additions to Java Moose’s sale items include bagels and more snacks, allowing students further access to food while in the Commons.

Darlene Erb is the Food Service Director for UNBSJ. She emphasizes that Chartwells “want[s] to be able to make all of our customers happy and give everybody a bit of variety, instead of just the same old thing day after day.” Erb encourages students to email her with food preferences, as Chartwells will be offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meal options.

These diverse menu options allow students with dietary limitations to enjoy the food provided on campus without worry, an accommodation that is likely to gain the favor of many. Chartwells is focused on providing nutritious food and a balanced diet to students— nutrition is a company standard as it is crucial to a student’s wellbeing.

For more information on Chartwells’ renovations, meal plans and menu options check out their website or email Darlene Erb at If you would like to share your feelings on Chartwells, let us know by commenting on this article!

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  1. Disappointing that there is no compensation/apologies in place for students who are required to eat at the hastily put together temporary setup (i.e residence students). They are required to purchase $400-$1200 meal plans and having such limited options for the entire first month feels like a huge rip-off.

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