Should you be douching with Coca-Cola? Learn the truth about crazy sex myths!

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Humans have been having sex since the beginning of time. By now, you’d think they would have gotten it right but there are still some pervasive myths about sex and sexuality that boggle the mind. Here are a few:

Coke Douche. As ridiculous as it sounds, some people believe that if you clean the vagina out with coca cola after having unprotected sex, you can’t get pregnant. Douching at all (let alone with a fizzy drink!) is definitely not an effective contraceptive. Sperm are so fast that they can reach the cervix almost instantly despite your attempts to stop them.  A “Coke douche” will only yield a nasty yeast infection and irritate the sensitive vaginal walls. Hopefully none of you actually believe this myth and stick to more comfortable ways of preventing pregnancy.

While we’re on the topic of ineffective contraceptives, there are still some people who think sperm are affected by gravity. Yes, you can get pregnant with the girl on top, standing up, the first time and in a pool. Pretty much any time a guy and gal come together without a condom or other proven contraceptive, it’s possible to end up with an unplanned pregnancy.

Did you know there really is no such thing as an aphrodisiac? Oysters, chocolate and even curvy fruit are said to have powers of sexual suggestion. The truth is, suggestion is a very powerful thing. Your increased sexual appetite may actually be due to the placebo effect, not the foods you consume. But whatever works for you!

Big hands and big feet, you know what that means, right? Not necessarily. There is actually no relationship between the size of a man’s appendages and his…appendage. Also, most people vastly overestimate the average size of a man’s package. The average penis is between four and six inches long, not the eight inches that some people imagine!

Last but not least: Your doctor can’t tell if you’re a virgin. A lot of people believe that the hymen is “broken” when you have sex for the first time. This isn’t true. The hymen isn’t a seal over the vagina, but instead more like a ring of muscles that stretch and contract. A lot of things like playing sports, using tampons or even falling the wrong way can stretch the hymen. So your doctor will not be able to tell whether you’ve been doing the dirty or you’re just clumsy.

There you have it! As crazy as some of these may sound, discussing sexuality is still uncomfortable for a lot of people. It remains one of the most misinformed topics despite living in the age of information. Without reliable sources to count on, people can come up with all kinds of crazy ideas just like these.

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