Local 107.3 fm

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Local 107.3

While walking the halls of UNB Saint John, many of you have probably heard the radio playing in the background. What you may not have known, however, is that the music is coming straight from your campus radio station Local 107.3 fm.

Local 107.3 fm is the only listener supported radio station in Saint John. It caters not only to the university, but the community at large. It prides itself in offering quality entertainment while supporting cultural diversity and freedom of speech within the media.

Community radio is unique in that it seeks to encourage individuals to actively take part in the process rather than be saturated by commercial and public service broadcasting.  Essentially, it encourages local people to create and contribute to the media in a distinct way.

The small group of dedicated staff is all volunteer based and have a genuine interest in influencing its listeners.

Airing from 6 a.m. until 3 a.m., the radio station offers a variety of shows that appeal to many interests.

local fm

As a nonprofit organization, the radio station depends on a variety of grants, including the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Greater Saint John Community Foundation and the Saint John Community Arts Funding Program to run their daily programs.

On November 17, the station held its Annual General Meeting.

With great positivity, the staff reported the success of its many events in 2013 including Bandwhich and the Community and Arts Appreciation BBQ in July.  Plans were also set in motion to start planning for the future.

Brian Cleveland, the station manager, has been a part of Local 107.3 fm since 2005. He has a passion for the radio station and enjoys his work immensely.  “The growth of local support and ideas is often my inspiration” says Cleveland, “there are a lot of positive things happening here at Local –FM”

One noteworthy event includes the 6th Annual Keggnog event taking place in the Whitebone Lounge on December 4. No expense will be spared during this Christmas tradition as they share in music, stories, a gift swap and eggnog. The event will also be aired live on 107.3 fm and is open to members, volunteers and listeners alike.

Looking forward into 2015, the radio station will also be hosting the National Campus and Community Radio Conference (NCRC). This is an exciting endeavor for the station as it allows for likeminded people to take part in workshops, seminars and discussions in order to continue providing quality service to the community.

The radio station is also currently seeking additional DJ’s and volunteers for January. Anyone that is interested in being a part are encouraged to apply using the application form found on their website.  Having a background is broadcasting is not necessary, but instead a desire to reach out to active listeners.  Training will also be given to those who wish to volunteer.

Aside from broadcasting, volunteers may also be needed for technical support, marketing and fundraising.

Aside from on your radio at home, the station can be heard on a variety of mediums including a live stream at www.localfm.ca and on channel 949 with Rogers. Bell has also been airing the station on channel 824 for quite some time, but recently made the decision to drop its listing. Although this is not ideal, Cleveland is confident that this will not drastically have an effect on listeners.

The radio station office is located in the Thomas Condon Student Centre (right beside the Baron office). Anyone interested in getting involved or just curious about how the radio station works are encouraged to drop by.

Local 107.3 fm is a station created by the community for the community. It’s dedicated to showcasing the many talents that Saint John has to offer and strives to continue entertaining with your continued support.

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