Seawolves get spooky: Halloween at UNBSJ

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When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, Seawolves never disappoint. Check out some of the great costumes that students came up with for the holiday.

Front left to right: Josh Stanton & Kirstin Price, Lindsay Vautour & Mat Savidant as Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Thomas Ans as the Governor from the Walking Dead, Korinne Dempster as Marie-Antoinette, Adam Belyea as Thor, Jeff Driscoll as Rory from Doctor Who
Front left to right: Ben Fowler & Gabrielle Gionet as Fifty Shades of Grey and a sassy cow, Natalie Pequin w/ Shelby Shaw & Taylor Brindley as iPods, Jen Brown as Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory, Katrina Pridgeon & Kyle Watson as Harley Quinn and Raphael
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