Review: Nick Faye and the Deputies

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Nick Faye and the Deputies, a Regina, Saskatchewan-born band, have just released a new album entitled “Worry.” The band states that the album, “explores the complexities that mental illnesses introduce to an individual attempting to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

The gang includes Nicholas Faye on guitar and lead vocals, Byron Chambers on bass, Adam Ennis on drums, and Jonathon Neher on keyboard and trumpet.

Through their curious and interesting sound, and through their meaningful lyrics, the yearning for health and happiness in disorder is evident. An important topic to consider, as mental illness is often a subject that does not receive enough support or discussion, the songs on the “Worry” album are current and maintain a sense of gravitas.

The album “Worry” features, outside of the classic bass-drums-guitar-keyboard-vocals, a few ‘big band’ type instruments including the trumpet, saxophone, violin, and pedal steel. The inclusion of these diverse instruments builds an interesting, country-folk sound behind an indie, alt-rock exterior, giving their music great depth.

Nick Faye and the Deputies have currently produced two full-length albums, “Worry” and “The Last Best West.” The band also has an EP, “Harvest EP.”

Their website,, seems to classify them as “Prairie-Shred-Metal,” although that sound seems to be more evident in their album “The Last Best West”— and still cannot be defined so simply. Their sound and lyrics are amass with complexities, keeping each song as interesting as the last without sounding too alike.

To check out their newest album, visit The band. can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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