Therapy Dogs Ease Pre-Exam Stress

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On Dec. 3, 2014, the UNB-SRC brought in some canine companions from Therapeutic Paws of Canada to help ease some pre-exam stress and give students a fun break between classes.

From 12:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m, students were able to take a breather and meet some new furry friends. The dogs were situated  just upstairs from the Tim Hortons, in the Ward Chipman Library building.

There were two golden retrievers, as well as a black lab. Students eagerly awaited for their turn to pet the dogs. The dogs were sweet and calm the whole time, not stressed in the least by the amount of students packed into the small space.

Other news stations, such as the Telegraph Journal, came by to interview some of the attendants. They, of course, took some time to pet the dogs too.

Everyone in attendance was having a great time relaxing between end-of-semester deadlines and studying for exams. Fur coated the clothing of visitors as well as the floor (the one only downside, however it didn’t seem like the students minded all too much!)

While puppy rooms can be far cuter, the stress of so many people in one space can be too much on the puppies. That many people wanting to play with them can do more detriment to the pups than good, so it was relieving to hear they were bringing in trained therapy dogs instead.

Therapy dogs are accustomed to being surrounded by people petting them on all sides. They are also trained not to bite or nibble like playing puppies. The only thing I would have wished—is for more dogs!

Good luck to students finishing exams this week, and to all readers of the Baron, have a happy holiday break!IMG_8644 IMG_8648 IMG_8649 IMG_8658 IMG_8664 IMG_8668 IMG_8671 IMG_8677

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