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Abortion Restriction Lifted in New Brunswick

This week, there has been a major win for women’s rights in New Brunswick. Liberal leader Brian Gallant has lifted the restrictions on abortions in the province, which “restricted access to abortion services in New Brunswick for two decades” (CBC, 2014). The CBC article states that while non-specialists may perform the procedure, and two doctors are no longer needed to be present, abortions will still need to be performed in a hospital. However, this was not a unanimous decision. “Peter Ryan, an anti-abortion activist, said on Wednesday that he was not surprised by Gallant’s decision” (CBC, 2014); Peter Ryan also stated that it was not a good day as far as he was concerned. Either way, so long as the regulation is lifted, access to abortions in New Brunswick may become easier.


Ghomeshi Sexual Assault Scandal

Ex-CBC radio host, Jian Ghomeshi, has currently dropped his $55M lawsuit against the CBC, and currently faces $100,000 in sexual assault charges along with house arrest at his mother’s home. A total of nine women have come forward with allegations against the radio host. Ghomeshi has not been seen or heard from publicly in weeks, and his Facebook page has since been taken down. Ghomeshi’s next court date is currently scheduled for Jan. 8, 2015. He has, however, hired a new defense attorney, Marie Henein, who has been described as “a key go-to barrister for high-profile accused” (CBC, 2014). Gomeshi has pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault and choking charges.


New Brunswick’s First Winter Storm

A rough Nor’easter blew its way across the Maritimes last week. If the winter storm hit you particularly hard between November 26th and 27th, you were not alone. Around 45,000 New Brunswick citizens were without power, Fredericton having received the brunt of the storm. UNBF and STU were closed the morning of Thursday, November 27th until noon and many school districts and classes were cancelled. Saint John streets seemed to be mostly plowed, but weather networks and news outlets recommended avoiding the roads if possible. If not, they recommended driving safely and being wary of the slippery ice and snow. NB Power also submitted a tweet stating, “Please be safe by staying away from downed trees and lines as they could be energized & contact could be fatal” (NB Power Twitter, 9:06am). If you have not installed your winter tires, it is urged that you put them on as soon as possible, for the safety of yourself and others. Over the past few days, rain has been the bane of Saint John however. Torrential rain that added up to 160 millimeters in some areas was problematic, as the frozen ground was unable to absorb the excess water.

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