UNBSJ Student Concert

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On Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 7 p.m, The Lorenzo Society and UNBSJ’s SRC held a Student Music Concert in Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre. The event was hosted by Amanda Hebert and had over 100 people in attendance. The audience was treated to songs performed by the Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir, fellow students, and even one professor.

The event started with performances by Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir, directed by Janet Kidd and accompanied by Terri-Lynn McNichol. The choir is made up of students, staff, and faculty from NBCC, UNBSJ, and Dal Med.

First in their repertoire was the well-known song from the Jungle Book “Bare Necessities.” It was obvious that the audience enjoyed this upbeat song, because many of the audience members were singing along.

Other songs that were sung by Heartbeat! included “Fields of Gold” written by Gordon Matthew and Thomas Sumner, “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay, “Skyfall” written by Thomas Newman, “Holiday Blessing” written by Philip Stopford”, and “Les Anges Chantent” written by Janet Kidd.

Following Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir was student Sadra Sarbazi, who played the classical piano piece “Gole Goldoone Man”. This piece was composed by Fariborz Lachini, and arranged by Fereydoun Shahbazian. Having played piano for several years, Sarbazi captivated the audience with his amazing talent.

Next, Victor Szymanski performed Adele’s “One and Only.” Not only did Victor sing the song with as much soul and emotion as Adele, but he accompanied himself on the piano. The audience was engrossed in Szymanski’s performance, and many were singing along with this favourite.

After Victor, student Khoi T. Dao positioned himself at the piano. It was mentioned that he had been playing the piano for 12 years, and this was evident when Dao played the classical piano piece composed by Chopin “Noctume Op. 9 No. 2”. The theatre became completely quiet as the audience listened to Dao play this incredible piano piece.

Following Dao, Dr. Ronald M. Lees, a physics professor at UNBSJ, whipped out his guitar and sang an original song he wrote about students and their professors at UNBSJ. “UNB Professor’s Blues” was a complete hit as Lees sang about how students interact with their professors and vice versa. This song had the audience in tears because of the accuracy of the lyrics.

The closing act for the event was exchange student Golriz Ranjibar who performed James Arthur’s “Impossible”, and Adele’s “Turning Tables”. The theatre became completely still as she sang these intense songs with so much emotion that it seemed as though she had wrote them herself.

All of the performances were extremely strong, and it was a treat for the audience to witness some of UNBSJ’s talent. The variety of music, from classical pieces to modern songs by stars like Adele and Coldplay, made for a pleasurable event.

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