UNBSJ’s Mercy Ships – Coffee House

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On Friday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m, UNBSJ’s Mercy Ships club organized a coffee house to raise money and awareness for the cause of Mercy Ships. The event took place in the school bar, Howlers.

The event started with Odessa Shea, one of the three executives of the Mercy Ships Club at UNBSJ, explaining what the organization hopes to accomplish.

For those who are unaware as to what Mercy Ships is and hopes to achieve, Shea explained that, “Mercy Ships, the organization, is an international faith-based charity that has been using hospital ships to transform individuals’ lives in developing nations since 1978.” Shea explained futher, stating that, “There is currently one ship in operation and they hope to achieve in eventually making a whole fleet. The ship generally travels along the West African coastline but due to certain circumstances they are currently operating out of Madagascar… Much of the ships staff, consisting of doctors, nurses, organizers, are volunteer based, and therefore truly believe in its mission to help those in need.”

As for the universities Mercy Ships Club, it is one of six in Canada that are based out of various universities. The UNBSJ’s Mercy Ships Club, as explained by Shea, “Is a club that is orchestrated by fellow UNBSJ students. As a club, our mission is to both raise awareness and money to donate towards “Mercy Ships” the organization. We, as a club, believe in and are dedicated to supporting the cause and mission of Mercy Ships. In doing so, we organize our time and put on a multitude of fundraisers throughout the year. We try to keep in tune with our schools community by getting involved in various events put on by SRC, MCS, Christian Fellowship and several other school clubs… All proceeds we have raised re-accounted for and donated directly towards Mercy Ships at the end of each calendar school year.”

This was the first coffee house that Mercy Ships Club UNBSJ has hosted, and it was a definite success. With over ten different acts who performed, students, parents and alumni in attendance listened to some of UNBSJ’s amazing talent.

On behalf of the Mercy Ships club, Shea stated, “We were very pleased and thankful to see so many students come out join us… the funds we raised from this event have yet to be calculate, but we know that we achieved part of our goal in raising awareness and getting people talking about Mercy Ships.”

Shea also stated, “I was so pleased that after the show people were approaching us to say that they really enjoyed their night and that some had not heard of Mercy Ships prior to the event and they were glad to have supported the cause. We are so excited about the hype the coffee house received, and glad to see success in raising awareness on what Mercy Ships is all about.”

Keep an eye out for more events and fundraisers put on by the Mercy Ships Club.

For those looking to support a worthwhile cause, the Mercy Ships Club is always looking for more volunteers, and if anyone would like to join message AJ Pride King, or Odessa Shea on their Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mercy-Ships-Club UNBSJ/220399321455835?sk=timeline


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