SRC Comedy Night: Nick Reynoldson and Mark Debonis 

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Once again, the UNB-SRC has planned a comedy night that filled students with laughter, tears, and even gave some headaches from the onslaught of hilarity that left them breathless.

On Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 2015, Howler’s Bar became the scene of the comedy night, showcasing Comedy Records comedians Nick Reynoldson and Mark Debonis.

mark debonis

The night started off with Debonis’ act, which was filled jokes about a select few audiences members, his strong dislike for bowling, and his huge phobia of Band Aids. Yes, Mark repeatedly stated that his biggest fear in the world was Band Aids.

Debonis effectively connected with the audience, heckling a few of the crowd members and even joking about how one of them had removed their shoes. The other half of the show was filled with a lot of crude language and laughter.

Reynoldson really shook up the night by interacting with the audience and encouraging their participation, complimenting his routine with some of his own interesting stories. Reynoldson also teased audience members, even shouting out to individuals who walked by the bar saying, “HEY! What are you doing? Come sit down!” This, of course, was met with tons of raucous laughter, the audience looking outside to see the reactions of the passers-by.


Reynoldson spent fifty minutes cracking jokes about himself, his brother, past relationships, and the lack of swimming abilities of one of our marine biology students. The comedian’s biggest joke was aimed at campus security, a staff member of which was in the audience texting and thus warranted the comic’s jeering.

VP Student Affairs Jen Brown stated that she couldn’t stop laughing at Reynoldson and Debonis’ acts. She was very impressed with how involved the audience was with the comedians.

The event coordinator, VP Social Reno Pereira said that he was impressed with the comedians’ creativity and enjoyed the event thoroughly.

All in all, Reynoldson and Debonis are comedic geniuses, and students should look forward to their return to UNBSJ.

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