Weather Permitting Comedy Tour Comes to UNBSJ

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On Tuesday, Jan. 13th at 7:00 p.m., the UNB-SRC featured the Westowne Mazda Weather Permitting Comedy Tour for a comedy night in UNBSJ’s Whitebone Lounge.

The Weather Permitting Comedy Tour features Michelle Christine, Andrew Barr, and Michael Flamank, three amazing comedians from central Canada.

The comedic trio have travelled from their home base of Ontario to the West coast, and have since made their way to the Maritimes. The coast-to-coast tour has been well received thus far, having performed at universities and colleges, restaurants, bars and inns, and even private events.

Comedian Michael Flamank started the show off by interacting with the audience and involving them in the jokes he was telling, most of which poked fun at the audience members—who were eager to participate.

Flamank has been associated with some of the best comedians in Canada. When he’s not touring the country, he hosts and produces his own show, “Comical,” which is based in Toronto.

Michelle Christine has appeared on MTV’s “Losing It” and tells jokes based on real-life experiences of working at the police impound. As the sole female comedian on this tour, Christine held her own and worked the crowd—her more personal routines drawing in the audience.

Andrew Barr, “known for his eclectic brand of humour and stage persona often described as “so dry it would make for good kindling,”” is logic-driven and multi-dimensional in his comedy. His humour was definitely tailored to his student audience.

When asked about the turnout of the event, VP Social Reno Pereira stated, “I think the turnout was decent and everyone that came had a good time.”

Most, if not all, of the subjects that the comedians talked about were R-rated, which made the jokes more accessible to the university-aged students that were in attendance.

Each comedian performed for around 20 minutes each, the laughter coming from the Whitebone Lounge filling to halls of the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre for the duration of the performance.

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