ER & The Other

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For a band whose sound is self-described as a “sonic S.T.I,” E.R. & The Other’s self-titled release delivers more than enough energy to make even your annoyed neighbors dance.

E.R. & The Other is comprised of cousins Eric Ringuette and Corey Bonnevie (Little You, Little Me; Bad People), who had been previously playing together in The Telecasters.

According to Bonnevie, some of the songs were written two or three years ago, and others within the last year. The recording process was delayed frequently, so the entire album (with the exception of vocals) ended up being recorded one night in late November.

The album itself is heavily riff-driven, and almost feels like a throwback to the sounds of earlier garage rock bands with a disdain for polished soundscapes. Every sonic “imperfection” (i.e. distortion, fuzz, etc.) has a space to fill and a reason to be there; the overall sound appears effortless and raw.

Bonnevie says, “Since we’re a two piece band, our sonic palette got massive amounts of fuzz and hard hitting drums. [We] had to fill up frequencies somehow.”

The instrumental opening track provides a solid introduction for the grunginess that follows, with the closing track recorded as its continuation. It was inspired by Ringuette’s love of drone music.

Noteworthy songs include the fourth track, “Drink Something,” which can be best described as a sludgy stoner rock anthem infused with short, explosive bursts of energy. The eighth track, “Taking Control,” is an instrumental track that sounds like a great improvised jam session.

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