La Masquarada: Multicultural Society Gala a Success

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On Saturday, Jan. 24th, UNBSJ’s Multicultural Society (MCS) hosted their annual Gala at Grand Hall uptown.

If you are wondering what the Multicultural Society is, it’s a society that encourages relationships and the understanding of different cultures within the university.

The La Masquarada gala is the MCS’s biggest event of the year. The event organizers didn’t spare any expense, making the audience feel like they were at the Grammy’s. The main ballroom of the Grand Hall was transformed into an elegant atmosphere, with tables covered with rose petals and lighted candles.

The event started with opening remarks from Dr. Laurelle Le Vert. Le Vert’s speech encouraged students to honour different cultures at UNBSJ. She also emphasized how these events show that the university supports and cares for the 35 unique cultures represented within UNB.

Along with speeches glorifying different cultures, the stage had the presence of talents from all around the world— from the calming sounds of the Caribbean, to the passionate dances of the Zambian culture, to the powerful voices of Poland. The night was filled with a diverse talent section that brought excitement to the audience and introduced many to the music and traditions of these cultures that they had been previously unaware of.

The audience members were very supportive and accepting of the various talents that were displayed. The purpose of the event was to showcase the talents and fashion of the different cultures represented in UNB, after all.

The society also used this event to raise money for an organization called CHAT to the Future. This organization’s main mission is to help children in Africa receive a quality education so they can receive skills to better their community.

La Masquarada was one of the events intended for international students, but expect more to follow. The Multicultural Society strives to put on events of this sort to encourage international participation and involvement on campus.

Emily Fox, the Multicultural Society’s President, was filled with joy and tears at the end of the event. Fox said, “I am so glad that the night turned out to be a huge success despite the bad weather conditions.” She also went on to say, “the event wouldn’t have been such a success without the support of the many volunteers and of the exec team of the MCS who put so much effort in to creating a wonderful.”

The main sponsors for the gala event were the Vice President Office of UNB, the Students’ Representative Council, Chartwells, UNB Associated Alumni, and UNBSJ Faculty of Business. The Multicultural Society are incredibly thankful for these organizations’ involvement with the support and planning of the gala.

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