The Baron and the UNB-SRC Celebrate Sex Week

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Sex week is coming up and the Baron, as well as the UNB-SRC, are gearing up for the much-anticipated festivities.

Beginning on Feb. 9th, the Baron will begin publishing their Valentines Day themed articles. The articles will include many topics, including sex, relationships, love, and gifts, as well as articles for those single folks out there. Students wishing to submit questions related to sex, dating, and Valentine’s Day for the up-and-coming Valentine’s advice column should send inquiries to

We will also be publishing an article on bad dates, online-dating horror stories, and sexual encounters, and asks that any students with stories they would like to share to please send them to as well. These stories and questions can be anonymous, so uld feel free to request that your name not be included in the article, or you may use a pseudonym.

Including the advice column and “bad dates” article, the Baron will also be submitting other articles related to sex and love, including “How to Get Out of a Bad Date,” “How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re Single,” “A Girl’s Guide to Casual Sex,” and much more.

In terms of events, the UNB-SRC is hosting a Valentine’s bash on Friday, Feb. 13th, called “UNB-SRC and Bud Light Presents Spice Up Your Life.” Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for sign-ins. The event is from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. at Grand Hall uptown, and will be hosting the Spice-Girls cover band, Wannabe. All those who wish to purchase tickets, please contact the SRC or stop by their office.

All those who have purchased tickets, and are present at the event, will be eligible to win an iPad Mini. The Facebook page, which can be found here, states, “You have till Thursday the 12th of February at 4:30 PM to enter your name in the draw for the iPad Mini. If you have already purchased your ticket, inbox the SRC page or Reno Pereira with your name and ticket number.”

The SRC and Mercy Ships will also be hosting a Dating Game Show, which will be on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 7 p.m. in the Whitebone Lounge. The event Facebook page can be found here, and states that, “The gameshow will feature 5 rounds of 1 female and 3 males (or vice-versa), that would be separated by a non see-through screen. The main contestant will ask the bachelor or bachelorette questions and the their responses will be used to single out a perfect match! The winning pair will be given gift cards to one of Saint John’s best restaurants for their date!”

To make the best of sex week with The Baron and the UNB-SRC, check out the UNB-SRC’s Facebook event pages, the Baron website, or the UNB events page for more information regarding events.

Spice Up Your Life:

Dating Game Show:


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