Mercy Ships Presents the Dating Game Show

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On Thursday, Feb. 12th, UNBSJ’s Mercy Ships group held a Valentine’s themed Dating Game Show at 7 p.m., in the Whitebone Lounge.

With an admission of $2 for students and $5 for non-students, the audience was full of those wanting to have a good laugh at their single friends who had been nominated for the Dating Game Show.

The game was set up into five separate rounds, three bachelors and two bachelorettes, each with three-four contestants.

There was an opaque screen separating the contestants from the bachelor/bachelorette. Each contestant was asked three questions by the bachelor/bachelorette, then the tables turned and it was the contestant’s turns to ask the questions.

After the initial questions by the contestants and bachelor/bachelorette, the host asked three questions of her own. These questions were aimed towards the sexual aspect of relationships.

With the audience being made up of mostly university students, the sexual jokes and questions were hardly censored. Some of the questions asked included “do you spit or swallow” and “what is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in bed,” to name a few.

The lucky bachelors and bachelorettes that were volunteered by their friends were Victor Szymanski, Kjeld Conyers, Lindsey Vautour, Natalie Pequin, and Jenna Evans. The winning couple from each round won a gift card to one of Saint John’s restaurants for their date.

It was obvious that the audience was having a great time, as laughter continued coming from the room throughout the evening. Though some of the contestants knew who they were paired with before the round was over, everyone that was on stage seemed to be having fun and were all great sports.

Congratulations to all those lucky couples who were paired up at the Dating Game Show, here’s hoping that your newfound relationships are fruitful.

For those who are interested in finding out more about the amazing work that the Mercy Ships organization does and how the group on campus operates, contact Odessa Shea for further information.

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