Sex Toy Bingo

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On Wednesday, Feb. 11th, the UNB-SRC hosted Sex Toy Bingo in collaboration with Laura Jane Gordon from the Sexual Heath Centre.

By the time that 7 p.m. rolled around, the Whitebone Lounge was packed with excited students ready for an unconventional game of bingo.

There was a multitude of fun and interesting sex-toys to win on display at the front of the room, including vibrators, dildos, fleshlights, massagers and oils. They even had some BDSM gear, which Gordon emphasized should be used by consenting partners, and tickets to see 50 Shades of Grey in theaters.

Between bingo games, Gordon posed trivia questions to the room, one of which included ,“Which animals other than humans have sex for pleasure?” The winners got to take home a sexy dice game or tickets to 50 Shades.

The night was a learning experience as well. The crowd discussed sex-related myths and facts, and the difference between a consenting BDSM relationship and an abusive one.

Condoms were spread across each of the tables, which students could take at their leisure. There was a definite emphasis on students having safe, protected sex.

After the first few games of bingo, a rule was instated that in order to win, rather than calling out “bingo” the winner would have to call out something sexual. In the case where two winners called out for the last prize of that round, the most “inappropriate” would win (or could take home the dice game).

On the event, Gordon enthused, “I thought the event went fantastically, we had an awesome turnout. Everyone really seemed to have a great time.”

Gordon also expressed her excitement for the prizes in this year’s game of Sex Toy Bingo, “Reno and the SRC allowed me to pick a really great selection of toys, some traditional and some a little kinky,” elaborating, “I think everyone who won was excited to get something.”

The evening came to an exciting close around 9 p.m. All of the winners were bustling around and chatting about their prizes while trading toys (some girls won fleshlights rather than their female counterpart). Some of the more fun toys were opened, like the pink double-ended dildo, and comically passed around.

It was clear the event was a huge success, and good to know that sexual health and intimacy (even in the way of toys) is not considered taboo on campus. It was a fun, educational event that left Gordon (and everyone else who came), “happy to be involved.”

For information and questions related to sexual health, or for condoms, feel free to stop by the Sexual Health Centre.

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