ACAA Quarter Final Wrap-Up

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Afternoon action at the 2014-15 Basketball Championships at UNB Saint John saw the women’s match won by decisive twenty points, and the men’s game saw a close comeback win.

Mounties Mount Huge Win Over Chargers

The final women’s quarter-final of the day between the Crandall University Chargers and the Mount Allison Mounties, saw the Mounties deploy a successful defensive strategy that continually led to offensive chances.

While practically equal in league points in the regular season, the Mounties played like an upper-echelon team this afternoon against the Chargers.

As a team, the Mounties took risks in their own defensive end, deciding to contain the Chargers movement around the three-point circle, with each Mountie closely covering their Chargers marker.

Mounties’ Maddyson McDonald sank a game-high 25 points, made 7 out of 9 three-point efforts, and had 7 rebounds. It is no wonder she was named the Mounties’ player of the game.

For the Chargers, Senteria Renwicks was named player of the game. She downed 16 points, had 5 rebounds, and had 3 steals.

Winning by twenty points 72-52, the Mounties go on to face the St. Thomas Tommies in the semi-final Saturday at 12noon.

Close But No Cigar: Tommies Win Game in Fourth Quarter

The second afternoon game was the epitome of what a two-way basketball game is. The men’s St. Thomas Tommies (4th seed) and the Mount Saint Vincent Mystics (5th seed) were constantly on the move.

Despite trailing most of the game, the Tommies in the third quarter did manage to take their first lead of the game. When they did, it seemed as if they would wash away the Mystics domineering poise.

But the Mystics kept their underdog spark alive, until the Tommies took the lead 72-67 near the end of the game with four minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The persistent pressure put on the Mystics by the Tommies in the latter half of the fourth quarter quashed the underdog’s pesky spark to comeback and stun the Mystics 75-71.

Mystics’ Corey Hollett gad a team high 18 points and 6 rebounds, while Tommies’ Ben Cripps had a game high 19 points and 5 rebounds.

The Tommies will play in the semi-finals Saturday at either 5:00pm or 7:00pm depending on the outcome of the final quarter-final of the day between the Crandall Chargers and the UNB Saint John Seawolves.
All 2014-15 ACAA Basketball Championship action can be watched online live for free at

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