Men’s Basketball Lose But Gain Experience

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In the final quarter-final match of the day at the 2014-15 ACAA Basketball Championships, a youthful men’s Seawolves basketball took on the third seeded Crandall University Chargers.

With the Seawolves line up infused with rookies, and often times only one veteran on court, the Seawolves stuck it out the entire game against the Chargers, trailing only by nine points at half.

Paul Gerges, a Seawolves rookie, had a breakout game in his first postseason appearance for the Seawolves. After the past few weekends, Gerges has been finding his groove, culminating in his standout performance tonight; notching 22 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals.

Gerges says that renewed confidence in his game and the healing of his ankle have contributed to his elevated play. But Gerges did not stop there:

“It is the guys around me.”

He also said that playing in the quarter-finals was great momentum for next season. Gerges added, “we got the playoff game out of the way, and now we know what to expect next time.”

Despite expectations that the Seawolves would go down easy, their electrifying and tenacious play made this game a thriller to the buzzer.

With a minute left, the Seawolves were within four points of the Chargers at 65-61. But a turnover ended any comeback and upset hopes the Seawolves had.

Watching the rookie Seawolves players today, with their pace, foresight, and energy, all while maintaining such a close game with a final score of 69-61, it is beyond crystal clear that this team will be riding waves next season, and even in the next few years, I would dare to say they will create a tidal wave of their own and be ACAA champions themselves.

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