Luck o’ the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast at Howler’s

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On Tuesday, Mar. 17th, the UNB-SRC hosted a “St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast” at Howler’s, with proceeds from the event going to UNBSJ’s Shinerama chapter

Coming from Bermuda, where we celebrate many different culture celebrations, the idea of “St. Patrick’s Day” is something that is entirely new to me.

The UNB-SRC’s executive team went all out on the event, with Irish music and fake Irish accents filling the air. A few members of the administration even came by to get some breakfast and celebrate.

Students flocked into Howler’s to donate what they could to the Shinerama organization. In return for their charity, breakfast and “green” beer were provided. Yes green beer! I was told that it was tradition to put green dye in beer to be fully in the St. Patrick’s spirit.

Close to sixty students came out to support the Irish and Shinerama, the event raising close to $250 for Shinerama.

Student Sara Poirier had the following to say about the event: “I was so happy to have a delicious breakfast this morning and some friends’ company was a plus!”

Jordan Tracey, VP External for the UNB-SRC, states that, “This St. Patrick’s Day event was a huge success and I truly enjoyed being around individuals who loved to celebrate the cultural event!”

The host, VP Social Reno Pereira, was very pleased with the turn out and was impressed with the amount of people that stopped by to support Shinerama. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, students were encouraged to “Eat, drink, and be merry!”

The breakfast was a huge success overall, and students can look forward to an upcoming Shinerama party on Friday, Mar. 20th.

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