UNB Launches New Brand

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The new logo, revealed on Friday
The new logo, revealed on Friday

On Friday, September 18, the university hosted its official launch of the new University of New Brunswick brand.

An audience of faculty, staff and students gathered in a small tent in the quad to hear about what had been accomplished to this point.

Funded by donors, the 5 million dollar project involved multiple outside agencies who conducted months of research to help determine how the University would position itself moving forward. The result was new logos, slogans, consistent typefaces and colours as well as a new marketing campaign..

Overall, the project seemed to focus on the idea of bringing Saint John and Fredericton together, speaking heavily to a unified vision of one university, two campuses.

In his speech to the gathering of around 150 staff, faculty, and students Dr. Eddy Campbell, president of UNB, said, “we need to do more to tell our story to the world, the work that we do is fabulous but not enough people know anything about us.”

“Our position as a national comprehensive university with global reach deserves to be far better known than it is today”

“I think it really presents a bold image of the university as a whole,” added Dr. Robert MacKinnon, vice president of the saint john campus. “I think it makes people want to learn more about UNB.”

While the UNB website states that over 900 students participated Jordan Tracey, Students’ Representative Council president, felt engagement was lacking.

“I do think it could have been better advertised to students, the one I went to only had about 30 students from Saint John.”

“I think [the logo] does bring the campuses together, however I hope they mean it when they say one school, two campuses.”

“It would mean more to see transfer credits be applicable to both campuses. That you should be able to go from the Saint John campus and have every one of our courses count in Fredericton.” adds Tracey.

The brand launch coincides with a new marketing campaign that will roll out in the next few months, which focuses on the unique opportunities UNB has to offer students.

More information on the brand launch and further phases of its release can be found at unb.ca/marketing.

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