Don’t be a Halloweenie

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If you are like us at The Baron, you’re probably waking up this afternoon, and realizing that all that hard procrastinating has paid off; It’s only a few days before Halloween, and you are without a costume.

What do you do?

Look through your own closet? Or go through your dad’s old work uniforms? Contemplate hiding from the world…again? All good options no doubt, however, we have compiled our own last minute costume guide for all you costumeless readers:

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The ideas that will come up are endless. From Disney princesses, to basic white girl costumes, and of course the forever popular, sexy librarian. This jackpot of ideas barely makes it worth writing anymore.

Head on down to your grandparent’s house.

While they might think that you are a little odd, we are pretty positive your grandparents will be tickled pink with a visit (that ends with you leaving four hours later), plus you could possibly come away with the costume of the year.

As mentioned before, the possibilities are immense when you’re searching through an old lady’s closet, packed with nighties, cardigans, elastic waist pants, and scuffed up loafers, just to name a few.

If the old lady clothes aren’t tickling your fancy, move to the grandfather’s closet most likely packed with old uniforms, work boots, and random badges, or whatever else you may find and wish you didn’t.

With a little bit of creativity, and a lot of febreeze we are positive that pretty much anyone could pull just about anything off.

The classic “Baby”

Pick up some face paint, draw on some freckles, put on a pair of pajamas, and grab a teddy bear. Who doesn’t love having an excuse to go out in public in their pajamas?

The equally as classic “Ghost”

We’ve all had thoughts about throwing a sheet over our heads and calling it a day, and now, you have an excuse.

Go down to Walmart or, preferably, your local independent department store, pick up a cheap white sheet, throw it over your head and go get yourself some candy…. just like when you were six. Eyeholes are recommended, however entertainingly optional.

The bottomless pit that some call a garage

The garage is somewhere where the family throws all their junk to get rid of it, and to never see it again. Well you are going to dig all that junk back up.

A hockey bag is a good place to start; a helmet and a jersey, and you’re set. A hockey player may be basic, but it is easy and everyone will know what you are.

Then head on over to the tool bench, a plaid shirt, some jeans and a tool belt, boom, and congratulations, you are Tim the tool-man Taylor’s ever trusty sidekick Al. (Complete the tool-time team with a friend wearing pleated khakis, a dress shirt, terrible oversized tie, and those ‘hubba hubba’ suspenders.)

Movie or television character

The beautiful Regina George from Mean Girls makes for the most basic of the basic costumes. A mini skirt and tank top with modifications (google it). Nearly everyone will know what your costume is, and you will receive high fives from everyone that passes by, guaranteed.

Sheldon Cooper? Easiest costume ever, a flash t-shirt with a long sleeve under it, and some blue jeans. You may be asked questions about physics, just tell them to ask Siri, and say “I’m off duty,” just like your professor would if you asked them about your midterm mark at the pub.


Self-explanatory, get some black eyeliner, color in your nose, draw some whiskers, wear black and pick up some ears from the dollar store, or (if you as cheap as us) steal a pair of those weird cone cups from a water cooler and flatten them.

If any of these ideas do not appeal to you, there is always the option of picking up some iron on letters, and an orange t-shirt, and ironing on the word “costume”….but at that point you might as well go as “yourself”.

We hope this helps our procrastinatory community this festive season.  If you are as bad at planning what to do for halloween as you are at planning your costume, check out our guide to what’s going on in Saint John this weekend HERE.

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