Books, Bands, and Beer 2015

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On Saturday, November 28, the Saint John Free Public Library held their 2015 Books, Bands, and Beer event at the central branch. For $10, guests could purchase tickets from which the proceeds went to support their public library system.

Some of the features of the evening included Bob Mersereau who is the author of The Top 100 Canadian Anthems and The Top 100 Canadian Singles, reading from his book, The History of Canadian Rock ‘n’ Roll,
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The Spinnaker Brothers performed live music with bass, acoustic guitar, and harmonica, performing acoustic and indie cover songs.

Books, Bands, and Beer was also the launch event for Big Tide Brewing Company’s newest beers, a hoppy lager, and a classic porter and, of course, Big Tide sponsored the beer for the event.
Guests were encouraged to explore the library, and to familiarize themselves with the layout.

Different activities were set up throughout the library, including Adopt-A-Book, Learn how to Tweet, a free e-book download, and library card sign-up. Most events could earn you tickets for the door prizes, and there was a dance dance revolution and Rockband game set up, along with a photobooth.

It’s easy to forget the importance of institutions like the public libraries. The ability to freely access information and computing services, and the services that the libraries offer for students, children, and adults; for example, the E-Book and E-Reader Drop in Clinic, where the libraries will teach anyone how to utilize their devices, access to meeting rooms, clubs, movie and film events, and local fundraising.

After-hours events like Books, Bands, and Beer, not only help to support the public libraries but also provide a place to socialize, enjoy good drinks, and talk about books and bands…and beer.

For more information on upcoming events at the Saint John Public Library, check out their website at or their Facebook page, Saint John Free Public Library.

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