Co-Curricular Transcript

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Students graduating this spring may not be aware of a beneficial program available to them upon graduation. The Co-curricular Transcript, formerly known as the campus and community contribution transcript, is basically a list of extracurricular activities a student participated in throughout their degree program and is included with their diploma.

Leigh-Ellen Dunstan, Student Development Coordinator, and administrator for the program says that “For many students it can be hard to remember all of their volunteer work or leadership experience”.

The Co-curricular transcript is valuable as it provides an official record of all activities, on campus and off, that a student may have participated in during their academic career. This record may be useful in applying to graduate schools as well as to prospective employers.

“I have students who ask me for an unofficial copy of their transcript when applying to law, medical or other forms of graduate school prior to graduation” says Dunstan.

In order to receive the transcript, students must complete a validation form available on the UNB website and submit it to student services. For students graduating this spring, the form must be submitted at least two weeks before graduation.

Activities that can be considered include sports clubs, student clubs and societies, employment on campus, campus media such as The Baron or CFMH, and positions in residence such as RAs or on house committee members.

Dunstan outlines the importance and benefits of the transcript:
“When I applied for my position here at UNB Saint John, I referenced things I did as an undergraduate student seven years earlier, It would have been great to have had an official record to refer to and to share when applying.”

Dunstan also notes that the Co-curricular Transcript is not exclusive to on-campus activities either,
“Students can add volunteer work and leadership positions from activities in the local community as well as on campus so volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the SPCA, being a scout leader, or work (at) their church or mosque could also be applicable.”

The signature of an executive member of the particular club or society is required for submission. Students are encouraged to submit validation forms at the end of every term or academic year to Oland Hall G12.

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