What’s the Point of DVD’s Nowadays Anyways?

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Image courtesy of http://www.blu-ray.com
Image courtesy of http://www.blu-ray.com

One of these days, your laptop or computer will not be working. Your phone will have gone kaput; all the books in your library you have read three times by now; and, surprisingly, you have no homework or classes to go to. Basically, it’s the apocalypse, also eerily like staying over christmas (or even March break) in residence.

You are now left in a predicament: how to entertain myself? All your friends are gone, and you’re too lazy to go out for a walk (or maybe your legs are sore after leg day). Your dog is fast asleep, the cat outside, and nothing worth watching is on T.V. What is the purpose of a T.V. with over 2000 channels, you wonder, if there is nothing on?

This leaves you with three options: one, take a nap, two, stare up at the ceiling, or three, watch a movie.

If you are sane, you’d choose the last option. A small circular disc of which you insert into your DVD or Blu Ray player provides you with hours of entertainment. Put in a James Bond, Harry Potter, or, heaven forbid, a Twilight DVD or Blu Ray, grab a snack and a drink, plunk your ass down onto your couch, and sit back and relax to the action, intensity, or maybe even drama.

Those discs are superior to Netflix or Youtube, and here’s why:

For one, it can be free: your mother or friend will let you borrow a movie if you promise to return it. Netflix won’t- don’t know why (“capitalism” is whispered from the walls), but that’s the way the wind blows.

You can’t sit around a computer and laptop screen with your friends or family and watch a movie: it’s too damn small. A nice big television screen and a big couch- now you’re talking!

Those discs cannot disconnect from the internet, and do not interrupt the flow of the movie from buffering. The discs don’t have those pesky dead pixels at the top right corner of the computer screen. You don’t have to provide any credit card information or your email; you don’t even have to turn on your computer. Plus you don’t even need to remember your login and password.

Also a little known fact: by watching your movie at a distance, you have less of a chance of getting a headache than you would by sitting close to your computer screen.

So say no to headaches, both literal and metaphorical, dust off the old DVD player and give those shiny little round disks another spin.