The SRC responds to Sex Toy Bingo article

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**This response is published as it appeared at 12:36pm on February 15, 2016 on the UNB-SRC’s Facebook page.  In the interest of allowing the SRC to use their voice to engage with their members and our readership, there has been grammatical and spelling editing.**


As a Student Representative Council we strive to maximize student experience, student involvement and student enjoyment. I believe this year we have succeeded in the events we have put on for UNB Saint John. For example, we have had one of the most successful First Class Bash’s in years and brought back Frost Week.

Sex Week is a week of questionable events because of the uncomfortable subject “Sex” which some people prefer not to talk about. Sex Week promotes safe sex, exploring your sexual self, sexual awareness and healthy or unhealthy relationships.

I believe our Sex Week was a success in promoting and discussing all these factors. We believe in talking about all forms of sex, uncomfortable or not. It creates an open safe judgment free zone on all issues regarding sex. One of these ways we achieved this was having a speaker come in to talk about consent and healthy relationships. Another way we did this having a parody (Sex Toy Bingo) of the uncomfortable topics of sex.

Although the Baron critiques “Sex Toy Bingo” I believe they missed the bigger picture. [If] The Baron was concerned about safe sex, consent, etc, they would have written an article focusing on the events we provided with a positive spin.

Being one person, I am only able to base things off my own experiences. My experience last year during Sex Week was also uncomfortable and nerve wracking… (Well it is called Sex Toy Bingo). This year I did not expect anything different. Sex Toy Bingo is an event where you go up to pick out which Sex Toy you would like to win. Although this event is controversial it is our most successful event each year. After all my events I love and respect any feedback given. I appreciate all the comments about Sex Week to know what went well [and] what didn’t.

I believe The Baron failed our UNB-SRC. I believe as a school newspaper we should not only look at the negatives but also look at the positives of our Student Representative Council.

We as the SRC provide countless opportunities for our Students, and we should be praised for that and not belittled in a bias article. Once again, I encourage The Baron to further fact check and also interview both sides rather than focusing on those who disagreed with the event.

I sincerely apologize if this event made anyone feel uncomfortable and/or humiliated and we respect your opinions and your concerns.

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