Brace yourself: SRC Elections are coming

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Thats right folks it’s that time of year again, when students who want to step-up and get involved with the Students Representative Council do so by asking their fellow classmates to get out and vote for them.

Nominations are set to open on Monday, February 29, giving any hopefuls a full week to get the nominating signatures collected and turned into the SRC office.

Following nomination week and after reading break, will be the campaign week. This will include posters everywhere, leaflets, general hoopla and even speeches on Tuesday, March 15, where anyone vying for an executive spot is given time to convince the student body as to why they should paid to do the job.

The spring elections give the students of UNB Saint John the opportunity to decide whether they think that the organization they fund to the tune of $300,000 (the SRC) is being run properly and that their money is being spent appropriately.

With many councillors and executive hinting that they may run again the election will be a great measure of how students have felt about the past year.

Executive positions range in salary between $8,500 and $20,000, plus private office digs, so if students are looking for a sweet part time job next year, this might be the ticket. Councillors also get an honorarium of $25/per meeting, a base of $100/semester and other perks along the way.

There are varying titles for the councillors of the SRC, from Arts or Business representative, to Mature Student or Athletic rep. The council is supposed to consist of a diverse set of students from across campus whose job it is to make sure the student executive (president and vice presidents) are doing their jobs, as well as to set the long-term vision and direction for the SRC in order to serve it’s members(students) better.

Meanwhile the executive are supposed to make things happen for the SRC, they are the team planning events like the first class bash and orientation week, lobbying the government on your behalf, and working with the school administration to make being a UNB student better.

You will notice that the executive positions of vice president finance and vice president social are not on the list for election as these positions are hired annually. If you are interested in either of those positions or the hiring of board chair and chief returning officer contact the SRC office.

All positions on council that are open are listed at the bottom of the article, and while normally we would encourage students to check out the job descriptions on the SRC’s website, it’s current state of non-functionability won’t help you at all. So we will send you to Jordan Tracey, the current SRC president, or Jillian Carlson the chief returning officer for the election.


Positions open for election according to the UNB SRC facebook page:

Executive (dolla’ dolla’ bills y’all!)
– President
– Vice President Student Affairs
– Vice President External

General Council Positions
– 2 Arts Representatives
– 2 Business Representatives
– 2 Science, Applied Science and Engineering Representatives
– International Representative
– Member at Large (1)
– Mature Student Representative
– Athletics Representative
– Social Representative

University Governance
– UNB Board of Governors seat
– 2 UNB Saint John Senate seats

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