Last Class Bash: Recap

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On Friday, April 1, the Student Representative Council hosted their last class bash to cap off the academic year.

A series of tents were set up in the quad for the over 400 students and guests who attended, and with only 100 tickets left available at the door, the final party night of the year was a success.

“It was surreal and nightmarish… that’s kind of why I went in the first place,” says arts student Nick Mitchell, referring to tents and the elaborate light set up.

The weather was less than optimal with both rain and wind making the evening quite chilly however a heater had been set up in the tent in the quad to keep party goers warm for the night.

The music was loud and upbeat, and the lights were bright and engaging. Generally the mood was jovial with bash goers arriving early and staying late for the Mardi Gras themed party.

Sam Blackwood, a sign-in at the event, stated around 11:30 that the event was “good so far, and starting to pick up”.

Students appeared to be having a lot of fun even before the full crowd arrived.

The Last Class bash, put together by Jenna Evans the vice president social with the SRC, seemed to go smoothly despite the occasional hiccup.

“All our bashes this year have been very successful,” says Evans, reflecting on the past year.

This marks the end to the SRC’s event calendar that featured a massive first class bash, and a series of party nights and other events throughout the year.

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