Shinerama hosts 49th annual shine day in Uptown Saint John


Wednesday, September 7 marks the 49th year of students raising funds for cystic fibrosis research and patient care at UNB Saint John.

The annual fundraiser is a key event during orientation week in which students take part in raising money to help fund research and patient care for the fatal genetic disease.

“We are really excited for shine day this year,” says Jayme Dixon, chair of the UNB Saint John Shinerama committee.

Prior to heading uptown, students will be able to enjoy a full breakfast at the school dining hall, which will start at 9:30am. Busses will then take students to the shine headquarters for the day, which is hosted in the Market Square atrium.

“Our opening ceremonies will begin at 11am in the atrium of Market Square,” says Dixon. “We will have a guest speaker with us to share their experience and give our students an idea of what they are raising money for.”

The campaign fundraising goal is $12,500 and to date, the committee has made close to $5000 in donations and sponsorships.

“We’re grateful for our sponsors who’ve come through year after year, and also for the generosity of those who’ve donated either in person or online prior to our big day uptown,” says Dixon.

Shine day this year will run from 11am to 2:45pm, when students will return to market square for final collection of money and a preliminary total.

“We will announce a preliminary total at the end of the day, and we will also award some prizes for social media engagement and the team who raises the most money,” says Dixon.

Busses will be available for students at the end of the day to return back to campus.

For more information on shine day, visit the website,

Secondary events help boost total

The shine committee has worked over the summer being involved with several outreach activities to boost the total donations raised, which to date is approximately $5000.

Volunteers from UNB Saint John's shinerama campaign help serve breakfast at the Kingston Farmers Market to help raise funds and awareness for the campaign.
Volunteers from UNB Saint John’s shinerama campaign help serve breakfast at the Kingston Farmers Market to help raise funds and awareness for the campaign. Photo courtesy of Facebook

“We hosted a very successful event for the first time during the Canada Day countdown,” says Dixon. “That event raised a good chunk of money and was also a great awareness event for us.”

Other activities included volunteering at the Kingston Market to serve breakfast and being involved with some key events at Market Square.

In addition to the above, the committee has more secondary events planned for the fall.

“We’ve got some fun events coming up after shine day too, including something with Goji’s and with the Seadogs that we’re really happy about,” Dixon says.

The remaining secondary fundraisers will help cover the difference to reach the goal of $12,500.

Lead up to 50th anniversary starts on Wednesday

The year has also been spent preparing for 2017, which marks UNB Saint John’s 50th year of raising funds for the Shinerama initiative.

“We are really excited that we are coming up on 50 years”, says Dixon, “and it’s going to be really big year.”

Since 1968, UNB Saint John has been raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis research and patient care, contributing more than $250,000 towards the cause.

“We’ve had a storied involvement with Shinerama,” says Anthony Enman, alumni outreach coordinator for the Shinerama committee.

“To celebrate those 50 years of being part of Shinerama, we’re planning some events, not only to increase awareness, but also to engage our alumni in a way that we haven’t before.”

One of those efforts is a website redesign, which offers a feature for alumni of UNB Saint John’s Shinerama campaign to go on and share their story.

“We encourage anyone who wants to go on and share their story to do so,” says Enman. “We’ll then use that in promotional material, including our social media campaign for the 50th.”