Vox XIV Launches with Readings, Music, and Awards

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The fourteenth edition of UNB Saint John’s creative arts journal, Vox, launched Friday night at an event held at the Whitebone Lounge on UNB Saint John campus.

The event, held by current co-editors Rachel Friars and Erin Muir, featured readings from students whose works are included in Vox XIV encompassing the 2015/2016 school year.

The purpose of the event was to both generate buzz for Vox XV and launch Vox XIV. Traditionally, Vox launches at the end of the academic year in April.

“What happened was that Vox XIV never launched in April,” Friars says. “It was printed, but it was never launched.”

Along with the launch of Vox XIV, the event included an awards presentation for excellence in each category.

Excellence in Poetry was presented to Erin Muir, Excellence in Fiction to Rachel Friars, and Excellence in Photography to Norah Emerson.

Erin Muir reads her poem “The Library”. Photo: Liam Floyd

“Anyone else notice that two of the awards went to this year’s Vox editors?” Nick Mitchell, editor of Vox XIV joked on-stage as he presented the certificates along with a cash prize of $50. 

The launch included short story readings from Friars and Mitchell as well as poetry readings from Erin Muir, Alan Heward, Malachy McDonough, and Connor DeMerchant. A musical interlude from Muir followed the readings from the journal as well as an open mic which featured work from students and the community at large.

Friars and Muir both encourage student to submit work for Vox XV which will be published this spring. “Short fiction, poetry, photography, art, anything of the kind is included [in Vox],” says Friars. “Even creative non-fiction. Really just anything that goes on a piece of paper,” Muir adds.

To submit to Vox, Friars and Muir both agree there is no wrong way to approach them. “It doesn’t matter at all how you submit,” Muir says.

“There are links [on our website], you can creep us [me or Rachel] on Facebook, or the Vox e-mail. It doesn’t matter.”

“You can comment your poem on one of our Instagram posts!” Friars jokes.

Friars and Muir emphasize that there is still plenty of time to submit as they are currently aiming for a March 2017 deadline for submissions.

If you wish to submit to Vox, more information can be found on their website, www.unbsjvox.wordpress.com. There are also weekly meetings held Thursdays from 4 to 5 P.M. in Hazen Hall room 127.


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