Nominations for SRC fall by-election open

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The UNB Saint John Student Representative Council (SRC) fall elections are right around the corner and this week is the opening of nominations.

“Four positions are up for grabs: two first year representatives, one member-at-large, and one chair of the company,” says Jordan Tracey, current SRC president.

Nomination forms can be found in the SRC office, which is located on the second floor of the Thomas Condon Center (cafeteria building), and students need to get 10 would be voters to sign their forms before handing them back in

First year students wishing to become involved in student politics are able to run for any of the positions listed, whereas returning students will have to duke it out over the member -at-large position.

These three positions are likely stepping stones if you wanted to pursue your goal to become the president of the SRC (Big Kahuna) or any of the vice-president positions (not-as-big-kahuna’s) which pay decent, and have minimal oversight.

First year representatives are responsible for bringing forward the concerns of first year students to the SRC, helping make policies, pitch ideas for events, and set priorities for the organization.

The member-at-large is a floater position allowed to focus on any area the council deems underrepresented in decision making for the student run organization.

This position allows those in it to fulfill a wide range of roles and depending on what is being addressed, the member-at-large has the opportunity to enhance their education through this changing role.

“Each position provides a unique standpoint to council,” said Kjeld Conyers-Steede, former international student rep and current vice president external for the SRC.

Both roles will find themselves listening to people from many different backgrounds,with many different experiences, and to people of many different ethnicities and religions (or lack thereof), in order to understand how the SRC can accommodate theirs and others concerns while working to improve the university experience.

In addition to these responsibilities the students elect representatives to make sure that the SRC executive are working hard for the the students and spending student money appropriately.

Nominations close on October 7 at noon, campaign week runs from October 10 to the 14 with elections following from October 17 the 21.

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