Opinion: A Year into Trudeau’s Government – Some to Applaud, Some to Disdain

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Photo Courtesy of : https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/10/19/trudeau-federal-liberals-support-still-soaring-year-after-election.html
Photo Courtesy of : https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2016/10/19/trudeau-federal-liberals-support-still-soaring-year-after-election.html

Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister for exactly one year today, and nearly all of the opinion polls conducted during this past year have shown the same results : that Trudeau has well-above average approval ratings, hovering around 60%.

Obviously Trudeau is a politician, and the two halves that go into making a successful politician are lying and acting; yet when compared with Harper’s pudgy face and styled grey hair, Trudeau’s fit physique and (so far) brownish-blackish hair are a welcoming sign of change in Canadian politics, and undoubtedly have contributed to the polling results.

University students seem to be what a great amount of his time is spent, and many of the students I meet feel he is the best Prime Minister that has been in government during their lifetime.

Chretien must be saddened by the easy forgetfulness of many of today’s students, however most of them were probably not old enough to be aware of what a Prime Minister was, or at least been able to form an opinion as to their approval rating of such a person.

Trudeau embodies all of the virtues of young Canadians: openness, inclusiveness, so-called “progressivism”, LGBTQ rights, and so on.

Canadians, specifically young Canadians, are especially fond of what they call inclusion. Particularly, they are enamored by LGBT rights and gender equal-everything.

Indeed Trudeau’s gender equal cabinet, made up of 50% men and 50% women, brought shouts of jubilation from the majority of university students and many others around the country.

However praiseworthy this feminization of politics may be, the unfortunate crux of Trudeau comes down to his spending habits, which are certainly not in the best interest of university students.

Trudeau, and his government have revealed the intention to run massive deficits into the future, and while this may spur the economy and cause our parents retirement portfolios to increase (if they are so lucky to have one) this does a disservice to the generations to come.

Imagine trying to make your way in life once you graduate with your new degree warm, fresh off the printer, in hand. You now work at a decent paying job that may or may not be the job of your dreams. You live in an apartment with your partner and maybe a few young kids, and the world looks, for the most part, bright.

But (and this is a big BUT!) a large chunk of your income is now taken from you in order to pay off a part of the federal debt that grew to superfluous heights due to Trudeau’s spending spree.

If the Trudeau truly values young people as much as he claims, he needs to stop racking up the national debt which will be undoubtedly shouldered by the current youth of the country, long after the “sunny ways” have passed.