Fall into Fashion: Season essentials

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Fall, the season that comes and goes so quickly that it is almost impossible to fully appreciate.

Despite its brevity, there is still plenty of opportunity to explore and experiment with new trends and clothes.

Wearing the right clothes for classes and knowing that you look good gives you a boost of confidence which is much-needed at this point in the semester. It may seem a bit narcissistic, but trust me, you will feel better when you actually put in time and effort to dress up well.

For this cozy season, I would a good outer layer or jacket is always important, not only to keep you warm but also to define your entire outfit.

I came up with 2 outfits perfect for any time in Saint John, complete with an outer layer to get you through this season’s unpredictability.


Having minimalistic patterns in one outfit is one way to pull off two contrasting patterns. Having color in an outfit always brightens up the gloomy weather that seems to constantly loom over our Fog City.

I finished up the look with a bomber jacket and a pair of ankled heeled boots to give off a little bit of an edge (and height, for myself) and also to keep warm as the wind has been particularly brutal these few weeks. Bomber jackets are surprisingly effective against the cold wind!


2-fashion top-baron-fashion

Top : ZARA Knit

Bottoms : Miss Selfridges

Boots : Payless

Jacket : Bershka



When dressing up for the Fall season, a long trench coat and a good pair of jeans are basic staples that every woman (and arguably every man) must have in their wardrobe.

A trench coat can make any basic outfit instantly look glamorous and classy. Since the outfit is quite plain, adding a choker or a longer necklace will help spice it up It’s okay to be pessimistic about accessories: they can often distract or add too much to an outfit. But when everything is plain, adding a bit of bling won’t hurt anybody!



Outer Layer : Topshop

Sweater : H&M

Jeans : Topshop MOTO

Shoes : City market in KL, Malaysia

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