Numerology 101: Find your life path

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Alongside Astrology and Tarot, Numerology is an occult study that has been tested for thousands of years and its accuracy has been tested time and time again.

The most important part in Numerology is finding your life path, which is associated with your date of birth.

According to Numerology, your date of birth can help you to find out your strengths and weaknesses, understand your friends’ behaviors, teach you how to deal with relationships, how to quickly get to know someone, and much more.

Before writing off numerology entirely, try testing it out first.

The simple way to calculate your life path is through the addition of your birthday. To calculate this, you must add each digit to find a number between 1 and 9. For example, if your birthday is June 22, 1998, you would add 6 (as June is the sixth month) with 4 (22→ 2 + 2 = 4), with 27 (1998→ 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27). Then, take the total of this number and add the digits again (6 + 4 + 27 = 37 → 3 + 7 = 10). If this second number is 10 or above, do the same thing again and continue doing this until you receive a single digit number (1-9). In this instance, 1 + 0 = 1 so your life path number is 1.

June 22, 1998

Once you have calculated your life path (1-9), scroll to your number and see if it matches you!


Are you aware that…
1. you want to do everything by yourself?
2. you always think through things thoroughly?
3. you often worry about how others are doing?
4. every time you want to depend on someone, it is always unexpected?
5. you still feel lonely even though you are accompanied by many people?
6. you are stubborn when it comes to your thoughts and opinions?
7. you like to criticize the people and things around you?
8. you enjoy having personal space and alone time?
9. you are good at many things?
10. you are a leader?
11. you like to do things by yourself?
12. you believe that the only way to solve a problem is to take control of the situation?


Are you aware that…
1. you are good at analyzing things?
2. you are quick to judge people based on first impressions?
3. you are good at uncovering secrets?
4. you alway say things like “it’s up to you”, “anything will do” or “I don’t care”?
5. you are unlikely to say “no”?
6. you are more willing to communicate with older people?
7. you feel embarrassed to refuse someone?
8. you remember unpleasant things happened quite frequently?
9. you were betrayed by someone close to you before?
10. you are always confronted with tough decisions?
11. you like to take charge in group situations?
12. it seems that you can read minds, or you easily know what others want to say?


Are you aware that…
1. you always feel that you need to do things independently?
2. you are sensitive to sound and color?
3. you have allergies?
4. you often buy the same items, which you have already purchased, because you forgot?
5. you often go back to your house to get the things that you forgot to bring with you?
6. you do not like to follow rules?
7. you are an articulate speaker?
8. you are talented?
9. you are like a child sometimes?
10. you like watching the shopping channel?
11. you enjoy new experiences?
12. you easily lose interest in things?


Are you aware that…
1. you enjoy order, and making sure everything is in its proper place?
2. you like to shop in bulk?
3. you often feel panicked, or a lack of security?
4. you like to plan your life or work ahead of time?
5. you often feel shoulder pain?
6. you are a logical thinker?
7. you are stubborn?
8. you would always protect your family?
9. your thoughts frequently build on each other?
10. you are meticulous?
11. you prefer to stay at home?
12. you consider yourself to be a polite person?


Are you aware that…
1. you have many friends from a variety of social spheres (i.e. high/low class, well or not well educated, rich/poor etc)?

2. you are an artist?
3. you have a destructive temper?
4. you enjoy going out with large crowds? (i.e. group gatherings, concerts, etc.)
5. you sometimes feel distressed?
6. you are claustrophobic?
7. you are caring toward others?
8. you like to travel?
9. you don’t like to stay at home?
10. when you go shopping, you often randomly pick the one item that is the most expensive?
11. when you cannot control your emotions, you are like a volcano?
12. you have lots of business ideas, but you don’t fancy to run or manage any?


Are you aware that…
1. you are stingy to yourself but generous to others?
2. you are easily persuaded?
3. you work well under pressure?
4. you are easily touched?
5. you are very careful when you make decision?
6. you often feel that you cannot do anything with your family?
7. you are always the one that pays?
8. you feel that you struggle with relationships?
9. you think you are better than others?
10. you think that society needs you?
11. you feel sympathy toward others easily?
12. you are very warm-hearted?


Are you aware that…
1. you have lots of friends?
2. you are kind of quarrelsome?
3. you are very emotional?
4. you read when you want to learn something?
5. you often feel sluggish?
6. you are always very impatient and worried?
7. you are very lucky?
8. you are good at studying?
9. you are a bit of a gossip/busybody?
10. you are straight-forward/tell people “how it is”?
11. you have lots of opportunities?
12. you often arrive late or early? (it’s not easy for you to be on time)


Are you aware that…
1. you often say “just in case” “if…” “perhaps” or similar words
2. you always feel that you don’t have enough money to spend?
3. you think money can do anything, including buy happiness?
4. you fully understand that success requires thought/planning/effort?
5. you are often accused of being greedy?
6. sometimes you walk into a very quiet shop and after you walked in, there are more and more people coming in?
7. you are not good at math?
8. you have ambitious goals?
9. you often feel very competitive regarding promotions at work?
10. you think that no one shares your opinions?
11. you have a good head for business?
12. you have the ability to make all of your dreams come true?


Are you aware that…
1. you tend to eat a lot?
2. you like astrology, numerology, and fortune-telling?
3. you like doing volunteer work?
4. you really enjoy sleeping, sometimes even for an entire day?
5. you are a fast learner?
6. you enjoy going to church or participating in other religious activities?
7. you are always obsessed with someone or something?
8. you would make a good boss?
9. you are sometimes considered by others to be meddlesome?
10. you often fantasize?
11. you like playing video games?
12. your thoughts and your reality are often different?

If you do think that these questions under your life path are talking about you, then keep an eye out for future articles to discover more about numerology!


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