SEED summer student employment program opens applications

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The Summer Student Employment Development (SEED) program has begun allowing students to apply for summer jobs in 2017.

The application is available on Students are able to apply for the opportunity to receive a voucher that they can use to seek summer employment. The applications close March 31, 2017 at midnight.

Since converting to the voucher system last year, the program has been a source of controversy among New Brunswick students and businesses.

The issues mostly concerned non-profit organizations who were left uncertain whether or not they are able to hire students as many of the students who applied for the non-profit positions were still uncertain whether or not they held a voucher. Additionally, students were often left uncertain whether or not they would be able to find employment due to the rate at which vouchers were given out.

New Brunswick Labour Minister Donald Arseneault apologized in September for issues that employers and students came across during the program.

“I think the changed we made are important changes and I think on principle they are the right thing to do, having said that, I do apologize because it was brought forth so late,” he had said.

According to the Government of New Brunswick’s website, they note that the “Random selection” will be how students are selected for job grants.

“Due to the large number of applications, some students will not receive a SEED voucher,” it notes. “They are encouraged to explore all summer work options in their region.”

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