SRC election process begins

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It is that time of year where students can choose their Student Representative Council (SRC) for the next year.

Annually, the SRC conducts an election to elect the Executives, Faculty Representatives, Non-Faculty Representatives, and UNB Governance Representatives.

This week, nominations take place. They are due Friday at noon to the SRC’s office.

“The nomination process for an elected position is very easy,” states Kjeld Conyers-Steede, currently the Vice President External. “Between the hours of 9am-4:30pm, you can collect a nomination form from our office, once you have obtained your form, you need a total of 12 students to back your claim for the position.”

There are many positions that students can apply for within the SRC. The Executive Council contain three members: the President, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and the Vice President External.

The Faculty Representatives contain six members: two Arts Representatives, two Business Representatives, and two SASE Representatives.

The Non-Faculty Representatives contain five members: the Athletics Representative, the International Representative, the Mature Representative, the Member-at-Large, and the Social Representative.

The UNB Governance Representatives contain three members, not including the UNB Board of Governors: one member on the UNB Saint John Senate 1-year term, and two members on the UNB Saint John Senate 2-year term.

“Candidates have to abide by the SRC guidelines that can be obtained by the C.R.O,” Conyers-Steede says.

All positions on the SRC are important components of student life. The President of the SRC, for example, can represent UNBSJ students at various levels of government to get students deals on travel arrangements or, most importantly, pizza.

After campaigning next week, the election itself will be held from the 18th of February to the 22nd of February. All students are eligible to vote via eServices under the Academic tab which can be accessed from their MyUNB Portal. Full details on membership positions and the SRC can be found on their website.

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