SRC’s #ConnectUNBSJ series continues on Wednesday

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16178626_10158011751685277_6651336827213791217_oThe SRC is continuing its #ConnectUNBSJ series this semester, with their first event happening this Wednesday, February 8th.

Taking place in the Faculty Lounge, located in the Ward Chipman building, from 6-8pm, students will have the opportunity to meet the City Council members who represent Saint John, Rothesay, Grand Bay-Westfield, Quispamsis, and Hampton.

The SRC started the #ConnectUNBSJ series in 2016, hosting three events in the fall semester. Kjeld Conyers, VP External, feels that the series is extremely beneficial to students.

“The connect UNBSJ campaign allows students build relationships with political representatives from all levels of government,” he explains.

As a campus built on the outskirts of the city, UNBSJ can appear to be isolated from the Saint John community and the key organizations within it, such as the city council. The SRC is aware of this, and wants to change it.

“We realize that [UNBSJ] is not in the ideal location, but we are doing our best to bring politicians to the campus,” Conyers says.

Furthermore, Conyers explains that this is an event where students can talk directly to council members and ask questions.

“The event structure replicates a networking event,” Conyers explains. “I am hoping that students will come with great questions to ask and ideas to suggest to our city council representatives. It’s also beneficial because there is the potential to build long lasting connections.”

On top of making connections, Conyers feels that the #ConnectUNBSJ series as a whole will showcase the SRC’s role in student’s lives.

“The SRC does a lot for our students when it comes to advocacy and building connections,” he suggests, “and this campaign shows that.”

Conyers assures that the first #ConnectUNBSJ event of 2017 will not be the last.

“We will be having our provincial advocacy organization on campus in March and we are looking to have our MLA’s on campus sometime in the near future.”

Admission to the event is free, but students can register online ahead of time for tickets.

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