New Brunswick government announces Tuition Relief for the Middle Class program, healthcare for international students. (UPDATED)

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New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant announced in a press conference today that a new grant program will be launched this summer to provide financial relief for students from the middle class. He also announced they will be beginning to provide healthcare for international students.

“The Tuition Relief for the Middle Class, coupled with existing federal grants, students will receive tuition relief in the form of a non-repayable provincial bursary upfront to their tuition,” Gallant states.

Available for students who are enrolled in a publically-funded university as of August 1, 2017, the program will allow students to receive financial aid based off of their family’s size and income.

Gallant notes that “In some cases, students will receive up to approximately 98% of [a student’s] tuition covered through these programs”could be potentially funded through these new programs.”

The program follows a progressive scale, meaning the more income a family makes, the lower the provincial grants will be for the student.

As an example, Gallant cites “If you’re from a family size of three, with a family income of $65,000, an eligible student with tuition of 6,200 will have 89% of tuition costs covered.”

“A family size of five, with a family income of $65,000 dollars, with tuition at 6,200 will have 95% of their tuition covered,” Gallant says.

To apply for these programs, students must apply to the Students Financial Assistance Program. After applying, government officials will go through the information and determine what programs they are eligible for. Applications are expected to be open for the 2017-2018 school year by June 1.

It is expected 70% of post-secondary students will benefit from either this new program or the free tuition program.

Healthcare for International Students

Additionally, Gallant announced “We’re very proud as well to make another announcement today. We will join the trend and provide healthcare to international students at our publicly funded universities and colleges.” Further details on that have yet to be announced.

“Our government is committed to making post-secondary education more affordable and more accessible and I am very proud to stand here with you and say that’s exactly what we’re getting done,” Gallant concludes.

The full press conference is available here courtesy of VP External Affairs of the SRC, Kjeld Conyers-Steede.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Global News, the maximum income for each family size to qualify for the program can be found below:

Single or two-person family — Up to $75,000 annual income

Three-person family — $90,000

Four-person family — $100,000

Five-person family — $108,500

Six-person family — $116,500

Family of seven people or more — $123,500

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