Defining UNBSJ: SRC Positions and Responsibilities

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With the SRC elections taking place this week, you may be wondering what exactly you are voting for. Sure, you’ve heard of the President, the VP Social, etc, but what do they each do? Through interviews with the current executive members of the SRC, The Baron got your answers.

The President

“The President shall be charged with the general management of the [SRC] and shall, in the absence of a chairperson, preside at Student Council meetings. The President shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Student Council are carried into effect and shall:

  1. Provide direction and leadership for the advancement and promotion of the objectives of the [SRC]
  2. Be the official spokesperson for the [SRC]
  3. Act as a liaison between the [student body] and [UNBSJ]’s administration
  4. Present a report of all activities undertaken on behalf of the [SRC] at all Student Council meetings
  5. Present an annual report to the Student Council before leaving office
  6. Be a non-voting member of all standing committees unless otherwise appointed to the committee
  7. Fulfill such other duties as do not properly fall to any other [SRC member].” – Jordan Tracey (current SRC President)

Vice President Student Affairs

“As Vice President Student Affairs, I am the liaison between the council and the student [body] of UNB Saint John. If students have questions or concerns about anything [regarding the SRC], they are welcome to email me or drop by [during] my office hours. I am also the coordinator of the Clubs and Societies on campus, [and] I assist them in planning and organizing events if they need any help. I [also] manage their budgets for the school year.” – Mathieu Savidant (current VP Student Affairs)

Vice President Social

“As VP Social I am responsible for the organization and execution of social events for students, and for the creation of promotional material. I work alongside the VP Student Affairs to ensure [that] clubs and societies and [the] SRC do not have any duplicate and/or conflicting events. I also am responsible for improving and maintaining student involvement on campus.” – Jenna Evans (current VP Social)

Vice President External

“The role of Vice President External is one that really is hard to explain, [but] ideally the [VP External] is responsible for all of the SRC’s external relations. They are also the primary delegate for any organization [that] the SRC is part of. In recent years, the VP External has also taken on the role of being a policy expert for the organization. All in all, the role is very unique.” – Kjeld-Mizpah Conyers-Steede (current VP External)

Vice President Finance

“As Vice President Finance, I am the Chief Financial Officer of the [SRC]. I manage all [of the] funds and the security of the money. It is my responsibility to enforce the financial policy and make sure [that] all expenses are delegated and all purchases [conform] to the correct budget lines. 

My position also requires being the Safe Ride coordinator. I hire, schedule and manage the Safe Ride employees along with being responsible [for ensuring] the program runs smoothly.” – Alexandra Nichols (current VP Finance)

Jordan Tracey, President of the SRC, also explained the Board of Governors, the Member at Large, and the Student Senate Representative positions, and what those filling these roles are responsible for.

“The Board of Governors role acts as a liaison between the student council and the university. The position is a voting member of the board to represent a voice for [all] students. [The person filling] the role also must sit in on a handful of committees at the board level,” he explains, also clarifying that, “The member at large position represents all students on our campus to ensure inclusivity on council, and the students that sit on the senate committees give a voice for students at the senate level.”

Voting for the 2017 SRC Election runs from February 27th – March 3rd. You can cast your ballot through your MyUNB eServices, under the Voting tab.

Throughout the week, students can also cast their ballots at the voting stations set up by The Baron and the SRC. Those who cast their ballots at these stations are eligible for an “I Voted” sticker! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram to find out when and where we’ll be stationed!

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