SRC holds referendum to add pothole fee (April Fools 2017)

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The SRC will allow students to vote on whether a “pothole fee” should be added to student’s tuition and fees.

This $50 fee would go towards adding more potholes to the UNB Saint John parking lots and roads.

“We feel like it’s our duty as a council to ensure we maintain UNBSJ’s aesthetic however we can,” SRC President Jordyn Traycee states. “Let’s face it – potholes are the new speed bumps. And speed bumps were the new yield signs. And yield signs were the new stop signs. And stop signs are so antiquated.”

VP External Cal Coneyars-Steade states “We’re hoping that by adding more potholes, we will be able to encourage students to stay on campus rather than leaving and risking their vehicles.”

“We just really hope that students vote ‘yes’ on this referendum so students can really fully experience everything on campus instead of falling into the traditional commuter mode of coming to class and going right home,” Traycee adds. “Our campus is beautiful and we feel that students should embrace every moment as a UNBSJ student.”

Traycee and Coneyars-Steade left for a conference in Florida immediately following our interview.

Incoming council thrilled

The incoming council is thrilled by the prospect of having this fee added to student fees.

“The first thing I wanted to do as president is introduce this same referendum,” incoming SRC President Canya Ploot says. “I knew it would be controversial, so I’m happy it wasn’t my council’s decision to introduce it!”

The idea for this pothole referendum was first introduced after the deep hole in the road heading towards the exit of the university near the Saint John Regional Hospital had not been filled in for three months – or has it been years?

“We just thought, why just one?” Ploot says. “If one hole can cause this much inconvenience, what kind of damage could we do with 7? 10? 20? 30?”

The pothole fee would cover equipment such as jackhammers, construction workers, really cool hats, and – in due time – the addition of potholes in the indoor tunnels.

“We hope to be the first university with indoor potholes that were created intentionally,” Ploot says. “Only here indeed.”

Voting for this possible fee will be open through April 31 in students’ eServices.

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