Numerology 101: Communicating Romantically

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Do you really like someone, but you’re unsure of how you should go about talking to them? Or maybe you’re curious about how to maintain a secure relationship with your significant other. Numerology is here to help! Keep reading to find out how the apple of your eye ticks, and how to communicate with them based upon their Life Path.


They are very confident. They believe that they can do anything, and that they are the very best at what they do. So, to communicate with them, don’t try to dominate the conversation. Let them take the lead. They are very opinionated, so be prepared for that. When you are talking to them, be sure not to waste their time; they are very busy and actively involved individuals, and they don’t like “beating around the bush”.

Treat them like royalty; they will need your full attention as they lack confidence, despite their outward attitude. Always be straightforward with them. Don’t make things complicated, as they prefer simplicity and clarity. They hate difficult or uncomfortable situations.


They are very attentive to small details and changes. Because of this, they will be extremely conscious of everything you do or say, and jump to first impressions rather quickly. Despite this, they are rather passive once you get to know them; they frequently say things like “it’s up to you” or “you can choose.” They want you to appreciate that they let you make decisions, because it is a sign that they trust you.


They are very assertive people and they have strong opinions about everything. If you want to have good relationship with them, you must understand that they want what they want when they want it, and they will tell you so. Don’t criticize them, because they are quick tempered and will not pay you the time of day if you do. A relationship with a person falling under this Life Path will require compromises.

You need to understand that their pigheadedness doesn’t make them cruel. Deep down, they are very self-conscious and care a lot about what others think of them. With a bit of reassurance, their icy hearts will melt for you and they’ll let you in.


Seeking security is their ultimate goals. They only believe in what they can see, which means that you will need evidence to prove why you feel a certain way. You must be organized, logical, clear and reasonable when you open up to them. Otherwise, their logical mind won’t ever understand you.

Before doing anything, make sure you consider their desire for security first. When making any major changes in your life and/or relationship, make sure you explain it, and your reasoning, to them clearly. Don’t change topics and or speak ambiguously.


To get along with these people, the #1 thing to remember is not to tie them down. If you make them feel like their freedom is being limited, even if you did it unintentionally, they will become anxious and possibly even angry. Don’t try to force them into anything, especially big commitments, because that will make them feel uncomfortable. They prefer let things go with the flow, so don’t expect long term security from them; their catchall response to questions is often “we’ll see…”

Don’t pester them. Never force them to make promises, because they are more likely to stick around if you let them come to the decision to do so on their own. They don’t fear commitment; they fear the pressure of commitment. They are curious when it comes to romance, but reasonably cautious, so be sure you provide them with plenty of options when you are with them, not ultimatums.


They have strong sense of responsibility. They are willing to give unconditionally, but at the same time they expect to be respected, not taken advantage of. Therefore, need something from them it is best to ask for help rather than ordering them to do it. As long as you treat them respectfully and kindly, they will do just about anything for you. However, they are also perfectionists which could make finding common ground with them difficult.


They like to ask a lot of questions when talking with someone, so don’t rush them to come to a conclusion. Treat them as if they are scientists (which, perhaps, they are; it would be a fitting career) in order to satisfy their curious, inquisitive nature. To please them, you should always provide them with thorough, detailed responses when they have questions. They will respect you more if you are able to have lively debates with them.

Never urge or force them to take action; you need to wait for them to make logical decisions on their own. Every choice in a relationship with these people will be thoroughly discussed and calculated. The quality of your relationship is extremely important to them, and they will be the first to suggest working on a problem.


In order to get along with them, you need to be aware that they are strong-willed. During a discussion, never force them to agree with you. If you do, they will definitely fight back. They will also frequently assess situations based upon their own self-interest. When you want them to do something for you, let them know how doing so will benefit them. They will not do anything purely out of the kindness of their hearts.

If you try to get emotional with them too quickly, they will shut you down. They’ll perceive it as weakness. Treat them as if they are businessmen/women. Make sure you show them your potential as a partner. Remember, when they say “no”, it may not be a rejection so much as a tool of negotiation.


They are lifelong dreamers, which means that sometimes they may have unrealistic expectations. They often appear to be stubborn and set in their ways, because they are the type of people who have been planning the ideal relationship for their entire life. They don’t take criticism of their desires very well. If you want to get along with them, you need to be able to understand their hopes and dreams, and be able to gently offer more realistic alternatives. Make compromises that will keep you both happy.

They prefer ambitious plans as they are always optimistic. They hate to be practical and conservative. If you want to find common ground with them, the most efficient way is to come up with a dream/goal/plan that you can both share.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in your future or current romantic endeavors with people whose Life Paths differ from yours. Make sure to keep reading The Baron for even more numerology articles in the future!

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