Here’s a list of (almost) every club and society to get involved with at UNB Saint John

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The beginning of a new semester is full of possibilities. As the calendar changes over to September, it becomes an exciting time for us as students to make new semester commitments. What promises can we make to ourselves as the Academic Calendar resets? Will this be the semester we finally stop procrastinating? Is this the semester we will finally figure out how to manage our Netflix addictions? Maybe and maybe not, but one of the best parts about a new semester is the amount of opportunities that open up to us.

We at the Baron want to help students discover those campus opportunities so we have assembled a list of every club, society, or organization we could track down. This list is by no means a definitive list of every organization on campus, but it can serve as a great idea of the many activities students from first to last can get involved with.

The Baron

“Our campus news press invites students to write stories on topics they find interesting, discuss issues around campus, and create video and photo content for the web.” -Liam Floyd, Editor-in-Chief

Contact – Liam Floyd (

Social – @thebaronsj (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)

Best Buddies


Golden Key Society

“Golden Key International Honour Society is a place where students are emphasized not only for their academic performance but also for taking leadership roles and initiatives for the community both on campus and in Saint John. To become an official Golden Key member, students have to achieve an academic GPA in the top 15% of the student body. Nonetheless, we also look for enthusiastic students who want to be a part of organizing events.” -Khoi Dao, President

Green Society

The UNB Green Society is a student-led, environmentalist organization that operates on campus. We are like UNB Saint John’s environmental conscience – we organize outdoor activities, maintain the Tucker Park walking trails, sit on various administrative committees, and promote awareness of environmental problems and solutions.” -Julie Therrien, President



Let’s Talk Science

“Let’s Talk Science is a national, charitable organization that provides STEM outreach to kids ages K-12 through fun, hands-on activities. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership/communication skills, but more importantly to help kids discover the relevance of science in their own lives and inspire them towards science-related studies and careers. For more information, any questions, or looking to get involved, e-mail (and check us out on IG/FB)!” -Mollie Graham, Site Coordinator

Local 107.3 FM

“Local FM is an inclusive space specialising in broadcasting niche and underrepresented voices.  We welcome students of all backgrounds to share their interests, musical taste and preferred language. We do not broadcast commercial hits and take pride in supporting local, Canadian and international artists who do not receive play elsewhere.  Program proposals and other info can be found at” -Mike Specht, Program Director

Social – Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Lorenzo Music Series

Contact: Dr. Li-Hong Xu (

“The Lorenzo music series consists of monthly lunch hour Munch and Music concerts by the Saint John String Quartet, Musicians-in-Residence of the UNB Saint John campus. In addition to the Munch and Music, the Lorenzo music has other music activities on campus. Heartbeat! Tucker Park Choir welcomes members from UNB Saint John’s campus, faculty and students, NBCC, the SJ regional hospital and DMNB. Heartbeat’s repertoire is mostly upbeat, our rehearsals are fast paced and fun. The Choir is directed by Janet Kidd, a well-known choral director and the choir is accompanied by Terri-Lynn McNichol. We rehearse every Wednesday 6:30 – 8pm at the DMNB piano lounge. No experience is needed. Janet and Terri-Lynn will bring you up to speed. In addition to the choir, Ceilidh Band is led by Dr. Wendy Stewart and plays mostly fun Scottish music. The band is open to talents of all instrumental players.” -Dr. Li-Hong Xu, Lorenzo Music Series Coordinator

Interested students, faculty and community members who wish to join the Heartbeat – Tucker Park Choir or the Ceilidh band, please contact Dr. Li-Hong Xu at

Multicultural Society

“The Multicultural Society is a group which focuses on building global awareness and reaching out the campus and larger community through various events staged throughout the year. Striving to promote cultural awareness and understanding as well as to increase opportunity for education and various cultures. Students should get involved so as to promote cultural awareness, socialize, network, cultural exposure and most importantly to have fun.” -Kerithea Rose, President

Promise Partnership

“The Promise Partnership connects the university with the community to help combat poverty. This initiative provides education support and opportunities to youth in two of Saint John’s priority neighbourhoods. Close ties with the community enrich the university by providing meaningful hands-on learning, volunteer, and personal growth experiences to UNB Saint John students.” -Jenna McDougall, Program Coordinator


“Shinerama the largest post-secondary fundraiser across Canada, involving more than 35,000 students from over 60 university and college campuses. Shinerama raises money and generates awareness for Cystic Fibrosis (CF).” -Jayme Dixon, Shinerama Saint John Chair

Contact: Jayme Dixon (


Facebook Page: Shinerama Saint John

UNB Global Brigades

UNBSJ Athletics

UNBSJ Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

UNBSJ Right To Play


“TEDxUNBSaintJohn Club provides an inclusive platform for students, faculty and staff to share knowledge, and create a dynamic that abides by TED’s motto, “ideas worth sharing”. We strongly encourage any student with an invigorated passion and active work ethic to get involved, and help us nourish the intellectual curiosity on this campus.” -Tyson Fitzhubert, TedxUNBSaintJohn Co-Chair

Visit their website for more information,, and don’t forget to like them on Facebook,



“WUSC (World University Service of Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, employment and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world. Through the SRP (Student Refugee Program), WUSC at UNBSJ is working to sponsor refugee students so that they may study in Canada.

We are also looking for new members to join and help out with events and the SRP (Student Refugee Program), as we are hoping to sponsor another student come Fall 2018.” -Averry Aquin-Martin

Don’t see your club, society, or organization? Contact us and we will get it added ASAP.

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