Ask Becky: Dealing with Dates & Bad Perfume

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of Ask Becky. We’re on our third week here at The Baron and you keep asking questions, so I’ll keep answering them.

This week’s first question comes from an Anonymous writer, who asks, “I’m having trouble meeting people to date in this city – any advice?”

As a person with a pulse, I can definitely say with certainty that you’re not alone. This city is full of people looking to connect, but finding ways to do that isn’t always easy. Apps like Tinder can be great, though they’re not exactly as wholesome or organic as we might like. Meeting people can be very easy or very hard, depending on the kind of person that you are, and where you’re most comfortable/what you’re comfortable with, but there is hope.

Of course, I’m assuming that you’re not just looking for any old stranger to date in the city. A person who laughs at your jokes, likes some of the same television shows, and will put up with your melodramatic moments is ideal. The fact is, that person does exist. My advice would be very similar to my ‘making friends’ advice from a few weeks ago; you meet people all the time, and sometimes you like them and you become friends, and sometimes you really like them and it becomes something else. It’s not a matter of searching people out to date, but being open to people and experiences as they come, and being happy with those interactions.

Try being someone’s friend first; be as involved as you can, say yes to as much as you can, and put your best foot forward. Things get surprisingly simple after that.

Best of luck,



For our second question, Anonymous asks, “I think that I’m allergic to my girlfriend’s perfume. How do I tell her nicely that she needs to stop?”

If you’re genuinely allergic, there’s not much that either of you can do beyond breaking up and moving to either side of the country – or you can confront the issue. Explain the problem and try to find a solution. If she’s a good girlfriend (and a good human) she’ll be willing to make a compromise. There are plenty of other perfumes in the world – and, if she’s not willing to compromise, there are also plenty of fish in the sea.

On the other hand, if you just think that the perfume smells bad then tell her that you’re allergic and follow the above steps.




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