SRC announces fall elections

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Nominations are now open for the SRC’s fall bi-elections. Nominations will be accepted until next Friday, October 27 with campaign week happening from October 30 to November 3. Voting will take place the following week.

This will be the first time in UNB Saint John’s history that students will be able to run for the new positions of Disability/Accessibility Representative and LGBTQ+ Representative. These positions have existed previously on UNB Fredericton’s council.

“It’s another position for groups on campus who may not necessarily have it,” says Kyle Rogers, VP External. “There’s not really that much representation for them right now but now we’re hoping that people who have those lived experiences will be able to bring their grievances or concerns to the council.”

Other positions available include the Arts Faculty Representative, First Year Representative, International Student Representative, and Mature Student Representative. Any student is able to run for the Arts, LGBTQ+, and Disability/Accessibility Representatives; however, the First Year Representative must be aged 19 or above, the International Student Representative must be an international student and the Mature Student Representative must qualify as a mature student per the registrar.

“We need as many people to run as possible,” says Rogers. “We want to have healthy competition, we want as many diverse voices at the table as possible, and it’s just a great way to get involved in general and it opens you up to so many possibilities.”

Students interested in running for these positions can find nomination forms in the SRC office as well as on their website.

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