A step-by-step guide to understanding UNB Saint John’s Student Abroad programs

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Have you considered traveling abroad? Are you worried that you cannot afford to see the world and pay for your education? Well, here is your solution; with one of the UNB Travel Abroad programs, you can gain credit hours while experiencing another culture.  If the process of differentiating the programs, choosing a location, and applying seem complicated, never fear! Presented here is a step-by-step guide to help you decide which Travel Abroad program is right for you.


STEP 1: decide what program you are interested in

Exchange Program*

  • A chance to study abroad for one semester (4 months), or for one academic year
  • Exchange programs are offered at over 90 partnered institutions, all around the world.
  • A major benefit of the exchange program is that almost all students receive significant funding towards their trip (usually around $2800 for students who go for a full academic year).
  • Application deadlines: January 15, 2018

Summer Exchange*

  • Participate in summer classes at one of the UNB Partner Universities.
  • The benefit of this program is that they are usually 2-4 weeks in duration, so you get to experience traveling and studying abroad, without having to commit to being away for months at a time.
  • Students who choose the Summer Exchange option also get funding from UNB. Last year, students received $1500.
  • Application deadline: February 15, 2018


*For both of these exchange options, there are a few important things to note. First, your GPA will NOT be affected by the courses that you take abroad. Instead, the number of credits that you receive is based on how many courses you ‘pass’ (grades are received from the host institution on a pass/fail basis). In addition, no matter what University you choose, you pay the UNB tuition fees.


Language School

  • There are immersive language programs available in French, German and Spanish.
  • This is great for students who are trying to learn a second (or third, etc.) language while also having the opportunity to experience another culture.
  • Application deadline: January 15, 2018

Travel Study

  • Each year, UNB offers different Travel Study programs. This year, the locations include Paris, Rome, Greece or Italy.
  • These programs are 3 weeks in duration, taking place from May-June of 2018.
  • There is no ‘application’ for this travel abroad option, but a fee of $1000 must be submitted to hold a spot for you on the trip.
  • The cost of these programs vary, but are approximately $4000 + flight, meals and additional costs.

Washington Center Internship Program:

  • The cost of this program is a little steep (totaling around $12,000), however there is the potential to receive $4000 from UNB to help pay for your trip
  • In addition to the funding, another incentive is the 9 credit hours towards your degree to be received upon completion
  • If you have further questions about this program the best contact person is Veronica McGinn (veronica@unb.ca) from UNB Fredericton

Work Abroad

  • Most popular program is the ‘Working Holiday’ program, which allows for Canadians to work abroad for up to 2 years.
  • This would be a good option for students in their final year, who have not yet decided what to do upon graduation.
  • Through this program you are able to get a visa to work abroad. However, it is your responsibility to find work before (or once) you arrive.
  • This is another program which is run by Veronica McGinn (veronica@unb.ca) from UNB Fredericton


STEP 2: see if you are eligible for your program of interest

(Image: Ase Kelly Berg)

Exchange Program

  • 60 credit hours completed by the date of departure
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Full time student

Summer Exchange

  • 30 credit hours completed by the date of departure
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5

Language School

  • Requirements depend on the language you are looking to study.
  • Some programs take place on university campuses, while others (such as La Union in Guatemala) take place specifically at a language school.

Travel Study

  • These programs are open to all students, at any class level.


  • 60 credit hours completed by the date of departure
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Full time student

Work Abroad

  • Must be between the ages of 18-35

STEP 3: choose a destination

  • Depending on what type of program you choose, this may be a very easy decision
  • For example, in the Travel Study programs or the Language programs, the options are clearly laid out.
  • If you are interested in the full or half year exchange, but are unsure what partner schools might best complement your degree, contact the UNBSJ International Programs Advisor, Ase Kelly Berg (akberg@unb.ca).
(Image: Ase Kelly Berg)

STEP 4: submit an expression of interest form

  • The form can be found here: (PDF)

STEP 5: wait to hear back and start saving up for your experience abroad!


Studying abroad may seem intimidating, but it is something that every UNBSJ student should take advantage of if given the chance. Applying is easier than you think, and the learning and cultural experiences that you will get out of your program of choice will be invaluable.


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