Proposals being accepted for Student Technology Fee spending

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Last week, on the MyUNB page, there was a reminder given to students that proposals are being taken again this year for how their Student Technology Fees will be spent.

This fee, which is included in every student’s annual tuition, is weighted differently based upon their course load; part time students pay roughly $5.50 per course while full time students currently pay a flat rate of $27.00 per term.

According to Wayne Hansen, the Manager of Academic Technology Services at UNBSJ, “The mandate of the Student Technology Fee is to directly enhance innovative use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based teaching, learning, research and administrative services for all students on the Saint John campus.”

The fee is used to fund various technological projects and refurbishments at UNB Saint John, which ultimately benefits each and every student in some way, shape, or form. This academic year, the fee has covered:

  • student accessibility equipment
  • replacement of laptops available for loan at the Hans W. Klohn Commons
  • SONA software renewal
  • Poll Everywhere license
  • a new podcasting kit (available for loan) from the Hans W. Klohn Commons
  • updated camera equipment for The Baron
  • Local 107.3FM production studio and music library updates

The fee has likewise been used to help fund the Campus Radio Emergency Broadcast System, as well as 3D printers in the Hans W. Klohn Commons and many other initiatives.

Because students are the ones paying this technology fee, they have a say in how their money is going to be spent. Students can fill out a proposal form, suggesting technological endeavors that UNB Saint John could benefit from.

“The call for proposals is a terrific opportunity for students to have a direct impact on how their money is spent,” Wayne Hansen explains.

“If someone has a great idea, we want to hear it and act upon it [accordingly].”

Students can submit their suggestions here up until the cutoff date of November 15th. Further information about the Student Technology Fee and the process of choosing annual spending projects can be found here, in an article published back in January.

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