Top 7 places to cry on campus

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It’s November. Need we say more?

7. Under the Stairway leading up to Ganong Hall

Photo: Anne Roland

While you will hear the patter of feet above you, the feet above you shall not hear your tears. The stairway connecting Ward Chipman and Ganong is a fantastic place to cry. Just carve out a little spot for yourself underneath the stairs, and the piles of garbage and equipment will gladly welcome you to create a partition with cardboard to fully conceal your reddened eyes and streaky cheeks.

6. The Green Society Freecycle Room

Photo: Anne Roland

Have you ever been to this room? No? Perfect, neither has anyone else! Featuring a fully functioning lock on its stained door, the Green Society Freecycle room in the Student Center has ample spots to sit while you ugly cry, whether that be stylish on top of the old filing cabinet, or comfy-cosy on the 42-inch tube television from 1989. Bonus – If you see anything in there that catches your fancy while your mulling over the life choices that brought you to where you are, you can take it home with you!

5. The Back-Entry Stairway in Hazen Hall

Photo: Anne Roland

These stairs are cumbersome to walk down! Which is why most people won’t! Also, as a general rule, the humanities faculty does not like to walk, so while you’re having a crygasm, I can assure you that you will go uninterrupted. With three floors to choose from, the back-entry stairway in Hazen Hall is a great place to carve out a spot of your own and let it all out. The windowsills are right at chin level, which make them perfect little nooks to rest your head on as you bawl uncontrollably because your mother didn’t approve of your 18th Century Feminist African Dance Studies major.

4. Classroom 231 in Hazen Hall

Photo: Anne Roland

 A lonely, sad, little room just as lonely, sad, and little as you are, HH231 offers stunning view of the quad and plenty of options of where to sit and dry-heave while reviewing your latest midterm. Because it’s so badly designed, most students will never have the misfortune of being taught a class in it, leaving it waiting for someone to study in it, or for you to cry in.

3. Anywhere in The Canadian Rivers Institute

Photo: Anne Roland

The Canadian Rivers Institute is a place of great mystery. People report hearing the sound of someone crying echoing down the halls. And that someone could be you! Because of its vast empty wasteland, the CRI is the perfect place to CRY. Do not be bothered by the 7 engineering students that use it every couple Wednesdays. Grab a box of Kleenex and head on in to any of the desolate, windowless rooms in the Canadian Rivers Institute to have your tearful release in peace and quiet…. Just be sure to leave a cookie-crumb trail so that you can find your way out.

2. Study Room 224

Photo: Anne Roland

UNB should just rename this room to “Primo Crying Spot 224” because no one studies in here. This room is tear territory, fam. Study Room 224 in the Student Center comes complete with a couch to lay down on and a dirty, old pillow to cuddle with while you spittle all over yourself uncontrollably. Like the Green Society Freecycle room, this cry-spot has a lockable door. And while there is a small window in the door, it can easily be covered with a mosaic of the tissues you are going to be using while you’re in there.

1. The Counselling Center

Photo: Anne Roland

While we like to joke around here at the Baron, we want you to know that UNBSJ has the privilege of some incredible councillors who will invite you to ‘spill the emotional beans’ in one of their beautifully atmospheric rooms. Write in or drop by to make an appointment, and your tears will have a peaceful, kind ear to offer you advice, or just to listen. Whether you are having a serious problem, or just want some companionship and understanding, the UNBSJ councillors are here for you! If you don’t want to talk to a councillor, UNB Saint John also has an amazing team of peer support leaders called #HERE4U, located in Oland Hall!

We wish you a happy sob-fest as we approach the end of the semester! Good luck out out there, champ!

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